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Talking D&D: AoO Mastery

In Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 there is such a thing as Attack of Opportunity, or AoO for short. A nifty little trick in the game: anytime anyone does an action which takes their concentration away from you, you can bash them on the head. Only once per round though…unless you have Combat Reflexes, then you can AoO as many extra times a round as you have a Dexterity Bonus. Wizards of the Coast have two handy articles about the AoO rules and what they can do, though it doesn’t really expand on their full potential. The implications and possibilities of AoO didn’t really hit me until I read a certain Order of the Stick comic. Continue reading

Mondo Lucha 2 Years Strong

I know there are some people who say you can never have too much of a good thing, and they are of course morons. Too much awesome in any fashion usually makes the awesome not so awesome. New becomes Old fast if you always go back to it, and you’re bound for insanity expecting different results. Considering that all good things take a little more money than most, it’s best not to spend it all for pure entertainment. Future to think about, you know?

Even so, you can’t really say you’re alive lest you enjoy what life has to offer. Spice your life up however you can, and hopefully in moderation so as to not make what is good dull, and losing out on funds so your future is dull in general. That’s why I went to see the 2 year anniversary of Mondo Lucha, a variety of High Flyin’ Lucha Libre wrestlers, national touring burlesque acts, an array of sideshow performers and musical guests (their description, not mine, but it fits very well). Continue reading

On Blogging in General

Blogging and me are long time friends, if such a concept makes any sense. The beginnings of my blogging actually originated in emails I would send to almost everyone I knew near the end of High School. For close to two years (if my memory on this is accurate, and I don’t care to find out), I sent ramblings and ideas ranging from “insightful” (High Schooler after all) to just plain rubbish, like writing one word.

I don’t know why so many people allowed me to do such things and not get annoyed, and I think only one person in the collection of letters I wrote told be to bugger off, if only he wasn’t the person I was trying to contact. Still, there were people who said they always looked forward to my insight, so I kept writing to the “audience” in the hopes they would find appreciative. I was looking for attention, and it was an outlet that was easy to work with, and could be seen by many people at once. And that’s blogging in a nutshell, isn’t it? Continue reading


Greetings. I’m feeling random once more, and I thought it would appease Master Pain if I created a blog via the WordPress. Just testing things out then getting to sleep. That is all.