Mondo Lucha 2 Years Strong

I know there are some people who say you can never have too much of a good thing, and they are of course morons. Too much awesome in any fashion usually makes the awesome not so awesome. New becomes Old fast if you always go back to it, and you’re bound for insanity expecting different results. Considering that all good things take a little more money than most, it’s best not to spend it all for pure entertainment. Future to think about, you know?

Even so, you can’t really say you’re alive lest you enjoy what life has to offer. Spice your life up however you can, and hopefully in moderation so as to not make what is good dull, and losing out on funds so your future is dull in general. That’s why I went to see the 2 year anniversary of Mondo Lucha, a variety of High Flyin’ Lucha Libre wrestlers, national touring burlesque acts, an array of sideshow performers and musical guests (their description, not mine, but it fits very well).

To be fair, my visit and inspiration to see the show was purely for the musical guest, Pezzettino. She’s a wonderful singer who plays an accordion, and you should love her too. Follow her tweets. “Stalk” on YouTube, MySpace and Facebook. No seriously, check her out. Her performance is a wonderful experience to watch. She has an energy about her than many musicians lack.

But even though Pezzettino was my main reason to go to a Mondo Lucha event, it has been on my radar for awhile, and I’ve been meaning to check it out at some point, as all good things in life must at least be done once. Or a few times, should you find home in it all. I went there to see Pezzettino, and Mondo Lucha was a side effect. A good side effect.

For the show, the main focus is the wrestling (of course). Think WWF (oh wait, it’s WWE now, isn’t it?) with Mexican styled wrestlers…only a tad more ridiculous? Strange to say, I know, considering such wrestling is ridiculous in nature. In regards to that comparison, WWF/WWE at least tries to make itself look like it’s serious. Mondo Lucha just doesn’t care, which is why I can have a much better appreciation for it. The only “Mexican” aspect about it is the stylized masks, and after that, you have a Russian helping a goat in female lingerie. No, I’m not joking about that. Photo proof if you need it.

And the crowd loved it. Hell, I loved it. It was bat shit crazy insane, and I was having a good ole time. The wrestling was a little long, but it was playbook wrestling at its core, with a twist of “who cares?” thrown in. You know you have something special when King Leonidas of Sparta tag teams with an Egyptian and his snake, who proceed to hypnotize the other team and the referee into a dance off in the midst of the match. Something like this would be considered stupid by those who just don’t understand. I have the sense to ignore such people and appreciate the awesome that is before my eyes.

What took me aback the most was the amount of nudity in the show. Okay, sure, I knew the burlesque performers were going to be there and put on some kind of show, stripper poles included. What I didn’t expect was real strippers. I kid you not when I say five women walked on stage throughout the night, and every one of them walked away from a cheering crowd naked. So they were wearing pasties and a thong? What of it? Not like hiding nipples and covering a slit is making someone any less naked.

Am I complaining about seeing this? Hell no! It was amazing. Certainly very different from a strip club, that is for sure. Only gone to one via a bachelor party, and thank god I haven’t gotten into the habit of visiting them. Can be addictive and dangerous. Whatever the case, the differences between Mondo Lucha and strip clubs: One, the crowd is larger and louder, so it’s not as private. Sure, not really private in a strip club either, but when I was in the midst of one, I felt like I was on my own. Two, Mondo Lucha has class. Sure, it’s the same premise of seeing titillating and erotic women, but the women at Mondo Lucha had style about it, and downright control. That’s sexy.

And let me tell you it’s damn impressive to see a woman pull herself up over her head onto a stripper pole with her back to the pole at start. These were women of a thicker stature, and by no means petite. Hella gorgeous, but it’s true. Yet the control they had over their body and the feats they did proved they could kick anyone’s ass if they really wanted. Oh, and put on an amazing pole dance as they did, but that’s a side effect as well. Those women got my slow applause of appreciation. Forget fast and strong clapping. You know you’ve blown someone away when all they can do is slowly clap as you walk away from a cheering crowd.

As a whole, the show (which, again, in the end was just a side effect to seeing Pezzettino), is an amazing act. An expensive act, but well worth the money as required for such talent. That is if you love wrestling, good musical performances, and “strippers” (quotes, because it doesn’t seem right to call such ladies as such, even though it seems like the right category). If you’re not into the silliness and random nature of the event (why not?), best spend the money on burritos. In my eyes, Milwaukee has another thing to be proud of. Now they just need to bring Gen Con back, and I will forgive the city for failing me so much.

Follow tweets of Mondo Lucha, and stalk them on the usual sites. Good things need support, even if you can’t be part of them all the time.

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