Monthly Archives: October 2010

If I Had (Insert Amount) Dollars

Back in the days of my MacBook and previous endeavor into the Internet, I went to a lot of forums. Chatted in a lot of different places. These days, I simply stop by and say hello to the forum notifications I get, lest I have huge investments in whatever is going on in them…and I don’t. However, one of these forums, known as the Neopian Times Writers Forum (NTWF for short) sparked something in my head, and I felt I should write about it just to get it out. And yes, I realize that forum is a Neopets related forum, and yes, that also means I played Neopets. And I still check on it now and then. Problems? They get hungry, you know?

Anyway, the topic that got me obsessed dealt with this question: what would you do if you had unlimited wealth? No why you have the wealth or how, just a deep deep pocket of cash that is there via magic of a genie or something. What would you spend it on, including how you would use it for yourself. Just a silly pretend game, I know, but it got me thinking all the same, and when I get thinking, I tend to get obsessed with whatever topic I focus on. A boon and bane for this life of mine. Granted, playing the game is an interesting exercise, to really think on what I would ideally do should I have all the potential to make it possible. I still feel silly though, because the word Reality keeps flashing at me with neon lights, but lets ignore that for now. Continue reading