If I Had (Insert Amount) Dollars

Back in the days of my MacBook and previous endeavor into the Internet, I went to a lot of forums. Chatted in a lot of different places. These days, I simply stop by and say hello to the forum notifications I get, lest I have huge investments in whatever is going on in them…and I don’t. However, one of these forums, known as the Neopian Times Writers Forum (NTWF for short) sparked something in my head, and I felt I should write about it just to get it out. And yes, I realize that forum is a Neopets related forum, and yes, that also means I played Neopets. And I still check on it now and then. Problems? They get hungry, you know?

Anyway, the topic that got me obsessed dealt with this question: what would you do if you had unlimited wealth? No why you have the wealth or how, just a deep deep pocket of cash that is there via magic of a genie or something. What would you spend it on, including how you would use it for yourself. Just a silly pretend game, I know, but it got me thinking all the same, and when I get thinking, I tend to get obsessed with whatever topic I focus on. A boon and bane for this life of mine. Granted, playing the game is an interesting exercise, to really think on what I would ideally do should I have all the potential to make it possible. I still feel silly though, because the word Reality keeps flashing at me with neon lights, but lets ignore that for now.

The biggest thing in my life that has my concern with cash is where I live. I’d get myself my own house (multiple houses as needed I say, I just need one). It would be…manageable. I suppose the only thing I would request would be a dishwasher, because as much as I love dish washing, I love not having to do it better. The biggest concern for me would be space, in that I would like to have a room large enough to film and create media.

Heck, while I’m at it, I may as well get a whole freaking garage to film large sets. That’s what Mega64 does, and it’s working out for them just fine. It would also store the large amount of stuff I accumulate for such ventures, and be a boon to the LARP I’m part of. As of now, everything is sitting in the basement of someone’s home. Sure, it works for its purposes, but it’s going to get cramped very soon, and a garage along the lines I’m thinking would be grand.

Second thing that guzzles money from me is my gas guzzling car, so it would be high time to get a better one of those. My car would be just what I need for my purposes: spacious, efficient, can play CDs and my iPod. Bonus if it doesn’t guzzle gas too much, and no, this isn’t a concern of money because in this exercise money is no object. I just abhor waste, and I loathe driving a vehicle that guzzles money more than miles.

The trinkets I buy would be equipment for filming and other media needs, and would be top of the line (that which I could understand and work with), and not break, as a lot of the things I have a tendency to not work on me. More than a single camera would be nice, bringing many more possibilities of production to the table. Heck, I could even throw in some green screen to have fun with it all. Not that I don’t have the means to do it now (because I could). I just like the idea of a HUGE green screen in a garage I own, which I can’t have right now. Best I can hope for in the now is a green bed sheet held up by thumb tacks. Not a bad setup, just not as impressive.

Other than that, money to pay off the debt of everyone I know and love would be much appreciated, for we could then move on with our lives a little better, not hampered down by the man and all that. And what would I do with my time with limitless moneys? Probably still work to be honest, because I honestly can’t stand not doing something constructive in some means. Just because the need of funds is taken away doesn’t mean I’m done with life, you know? And thankfully, I won’t ever have to deal with such a brain teaser as this, because in Reality the excess of funds will never happen. I know I’ll work myself to the bone for the rest of my life. Not that bad a life, even if I will probably never get all the things I dream of. I’ll get a taste, and it’s really all I can hope to have. Not a bad life at all.


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2 thoughts on “If I Had (Insert Amount) Dollars

  1. elvalentino January 23, 2011 at 4:04 am Reply

    Hahaha I remember playing neopets when I was a little kid, it never taught me how to be rich and I’m pretty sure the stock market was just randomly triggered.. needless to say though it taught me how to use computers much better (it’s where I learned HTML)

    but to get back on topic lol I remember doing this exercise and my list compromised of

    . Get laid in VIP room after concert
    . Go out on a mega binge
    . Visit surfers paradice and get plastered in pent-house

    It’s weird though because I’m opposite to this in real life, guess money brings
    out the rebel in me haha

    Awesome post though, I’ve never had a chance to get into media production but that green screen would be fun as hell. Looking forward to your other stuff

    • JoeSomebody2 January 23, 2011 at 4:17 am Reply

      Who’s to really say what we would really do with infinite available resources? It’s meant a pipe dream if anything. I’d like to say I would be humble with any wealth I get, but you never know…

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