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Talking D&D: The Vampire

Vampires are sick, plain and simple. They have been used throughout media in countless different ways, but in 3.5 they are an undead creature you loathe to mess with. A template capable of being added to any humanoid or monstrous humanoid creature (though there are other template variations for other creatures), the vampire is a monster of doom to the PC who covets their character, for it can not only drain their Constitution, but also bestow 2 Negative Levels once a round should they be hit with a Natural Attack. Coupled with the fact the template is made for more fighter oriented characters, the Monk can get pretty darn scary when you optimize it with the template (an example is shown in Monster Manual 3.5, which makes me smile). And just to make matter worse, should a PC die against a vampire, they become a vampire or mindless spawn (which has a variant level progression with Libris Mortis).

Which brings in We Xogo, a gaming blog I found through our mutual attraction to Metagame. Read through the blog a bit, and found a story of a time two of the characters got turned into vampires and killed the other two Level 2 PCs of the party. Granted, I don’t know how Level 2 characters become vampires and not spawn, because it’s a rule only Level 5 are allowed, but that’s beside the point. The issue in that case came in the form of the two new vampires being too powerful, making it so that the other two players couldn’t do much to compare with them (or as it turned out, against them). Continue reading