Receipts I Got

Papers tend to gather in an unorganized pile in my room. Recently went through the effort to organize them into their proper areas: folders I set aside with important papers and not so important papers. As I sorted through the folders to get through the mess, it seems my important folders have gotten filled with not so important papers, and my not so important folders…well, you get the idea.

One of the many things I noted were old receipts and similar papers which I kept, but no longer mattered. And in my ever increasing quest to notarize all little aspects that are me, I thought it would be a good idea to note what was there. I’m obsessive like that. But then again, there are stories to these little throw aways, so give and take I say.

Probably one of the biggest receipts in terms of cash shelled out is from the Best Buy I bought my camera, all the way back on February 3, 2008. Gods, even made an old video on the day that happened, and surprised my family with it. Very interesting to compare my perspective now to then. In terms of where I was financially, probably wasn’t the best choice to make, but hey, it got me into larger venues of film production (until my computer fell from my hands in September later that year).

Anyway, the receipt had an extra battery for $80, camera carrying bag for $20 (both at discount from a total of $125), $1000 Canon HG10, and an…insurance? tech help? For $160. I honestly have no idea what it is anymore, which pretty much makes that $160 I’ll never get back, even if it doesn’t expire till 2012 of the date I bought it. Won’t we all be dead by then? But as it goes, with tax that was a grand total of $1330 which has lasted all this time. And the biggest joke? I can’t replace it one darn bit. Nor anything else of grand value in my life. Cherish and enjoy what you have when you have it I say.

A $30 game known as WarioWare: Twisted!…no, not excited to say it (though I should be), that’s the real title. This game owns me, and I’ve owned it since September 30, 2005. Got addicted to the gaming style of mini games with the original WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgames! (damn these titles are grammar breakers), though I never owned the original till sometime earlier this year. A fun and silly game with good humor scattered throughout, and a good investment in terms of gaming. Receipt kept because…? I guess the joke is that I kept the box stowed away as well, but why the heck not? The thing is huge, and appealing to the eyes with its color and holographic image. Something to set on my shelf at some point. Maybe even review?

A very worthwhile buy (or at the very least intriguing) from February 26, 2008. A $60 plastic folding table (that folds in half), which I still use to this day. It is one of the few items of furniture I own, and I use it all of the time. Best thing I’ve ever bought. There’s also a $28 plastic storage tub, which is a wonderful little (but large) find which I’ve used to carry many important items about quickly. Sure, it’s currently holding a bunch of sweaters which I didn’t take out yet, but whatever. Can’t make out what the rest on the receipt is, but there is a $35 Pokemon Emerald. I still play this, last night before bed actually. Running low on Lum berries it would seem.

What’s intriguing about all this is that almost all these items were bought before and seen in the first feature length film I made, Art Show. It may have totaled $144, but it certainly had a hand in making the movie come about, and is still providing for me to this day.

Another investment made exclusively for Art Show was 100 Penis Art buttons from Arneson Impressions (don’t ask, as it’s mostly an inside joke). I know the owner through his music, and bought them on February 29, 2008, at the price of $50. Not a bad deal in my eyes, though I still have a lot left over, and I’m sure I didn’t even sell the rest that are gone. Have to figure out a means to get rid of them, that doesn’t include garbage. Also need to go back into business with him at some point, because nothing beats funding local business.

Two receipts from more recent buys in November, from the eBay store of Book And Game Emporium. First was The Sword #21, the only issue of the amazing series I didn’t have yet. Heck, I’ve owned #22-#24 for months but didn’t read them because I wanted to know what would happen in that issue. Thankfully, I’ve finished the series, and not disappointed. Just cost me $5 is all. Then there was the random buy of Libris Mortis, a D&D supplement. If it hasn’t caught on, obsession is a habit of mine, and D&D is one of those, and eBay is like crack to the obsessed. I can easily reason with myself that $20 book (with shipping) is a savings and not a loss in comparison to what it normally costs (and it technically is). Still, I need to cut the habit. An awesome book all the same.

$119 for a hotel casino stay when I went to Minnesota on 777 to attend a wedding for a friend of mine. A good time, and my mom even won from the slot machine, paying her third for a stay in the room. Thank god they accepted check, because if they didn’t we might have had a situation in terms or where to stay. Now if I can just recall what the trip cost in food and gas…

$84 for a Universal Document Converter on February 18, 2007, which could turn written documents into images. Probably a horrid buy, because I no longer use it, and I only used it for one project. Which I made for free. There’s probably even a cheaper or free way to do that method as well, so I’m just plain shamed I ever spent the cash on it.

Another worthless buy (worthless now at least) on March 31, 2006, for SmartFTP at $52. I had my own website back in the day, and as a means to have fun with HTML and eventually PHP, I got this program to connect with the server. With my limited knowledge of how computers, servers, and the Internet works, I’m pretty sure it was a worthless buy, if only because I believe there are plenty of free programs that do the exact same thing. Not only that, the company that sold me the copy wanted me to renew the license every year like a subscription. With the website gone, I have to wonder why I even bothered.

$50 video converter which in the end would crash at trying to convert the simplest of footage. In my early attempts as a filmmaker, I used the family camera to film everything, and it was impossible to work with unless I rendered the files as a compatible type for Windows Movie Maker. Thankfully, I eventually cut the middleman when I got my MacBook, ending my need for the video converter…

…at the cost of $1705. Bought on September 14, 2007, the single largest buy I’ve made other than my car. An investment that was cherished, but swindled when I foolishly handled. Still have it sitting on a shelf above me, along with an iLap, mouse (which I still use), sleeve protector, a .Mac account, and other programs preinstalled (but hardly used) and discs which boosted the cost. I’m still amazed I ever spent this much. Goes to show what happens when you have a well paying job as a security officer I suppose.

As it shows when I had another job and bought two foam dance pads and DDR Extreme for $230 on June 30, 2005. Yes, these things used to be expensive, and they still sit in a corner of my room unused, stiff and large as all hell. They were bought during a time of want and I had the extra cash. My reasoning? What was the point of the cash if I didn’t spend it on something I wanted to enjoy. A good investment, because with the combo of the hard work I was doing and DDR play, I was at the healthiest point I had ever been in my life. Have since fallen off the horse, but the memories make me smile. I try and ignore the current prices of the dance pads now, same with the Canon HG10, which is no longer $1000…*shiver*

And the last buy comes from August 9, 2005, from a heartfelt place known as Homestar Runner. Strong Bad Sings was all the rage back in the day, and getting myself a copy was a goal, seeing as I had the money during the time. A fun but short musical venture, it makes me smile whenever I put it in. Plus the Brothers Chaps threw in a free coaster to seal the deal. Now I just need to use it and not have it sit around. Haven’t stopped by Homestar in a long while. Wonder how they are doing these days?

I buy a lot of crap, and I buy a lot of not so crap. Just another window into the life that is Nelson.


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