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ACen 2011 Adverts

As I mentioned in another blog, I have a bunch of adverts I’ve collected from ACen 2011. In no particular order, here they are…

Conversations with a Therapist #3 – This Clumsy Fool

We return to you live from my bedroom with another Conversations with The Rapist I mean a Therapist.  Next item is “Accidents” and wow…have I made plenty of those in my life. Being the socially awkward man who hasn’t gained enough skills worth noting, it’s pretty much a given at this point. There isn’t a day I go by I don’t notice some shortcoming in what I do or have done in the past. Due to this I’ve gotten fairly depressed throughout my life, and have built this incredibly high standard of who I am and should be, yet never really achieving it.

But you know what? It’s all good. The whole point of learning is to make those mistakes and learn from them. The only problem I see in all of that is I’ve learned these lessons at a rate that’s much slower than everyone else around me, due to the fact I literally disappeared from the world after high school (was I really ever there?). As such, the supposed high standard I set for myself is even higher than what would be considered normal, because I’m years behind the lot of people even younger than me. Continue reading

Cryptic ACen 2011 Meanings

So I did a little something on Twitter last year to share my more prominent memories of ACen. Each word held a special meaning to me so all I needed to do was think on it to recall the significance of it. A little later on I realized I probably confused a lot of people, so I eventually expanded upon each word and made a blog. Considering I just got back from ACen once again, I decided to do the same thing. And seeing as I’m restless and need something to keep me occupied (that isn’t wasteful), let’s just explain it all right now…

Boss – The saying which has since gotten overdone via the plug by Lonely Islands had been constant through the whole con. I teamed up with my two female roomies to hassle the other two male roomies whenever possible (though I think one joined in now and then depending on mood). It didn’t matter what we were talking about or doing, we were doing it…like a boss. Continue reading

Conversations with a Therapist #2 – U Mad Bro?

Welcome back to another conversation I had with my therapist. It’s always a little therapeutic to be conversing on random topics and get your mind flowing on things. Especially with this topic coming round, because no matter what I do, it always seems to rear its ugly head. Hence why it happened to be #2 on my list.

Anger. I’ve dealt with anger all my life. Been angry at a whole lot of people, though a lot of my anger was directed at myself in the long run. Even went so far as to hate other people, which is a whole other level of anger, usually involving violent and destructive thoughts in their direction. But again, a lot of that hate just got directed at me in the long run too. Continue reading

Talking D&D: Geas/Quest

Getting someone to do something you want can be hard in D&D. You could use violence, but that might actually get you a useless corpse should the recipient be resistant. Oh! I know! Let’s use magic to force them to do what we want! And not just Dominate Person or the more powerful Dominate Monster, which could fail via Will Save, but the Quest spell (Geas if you’re a bookworm wimpy Wizard vs. the Cleric name for it). So not only is the bastard free to act as he will, he’ll die if he doesn’t submit. Ha ha ha ha ha!!!

*ahem* Geas/Quest is a powerful 6th Level spell for Bards, Clerics, Sorcerers and Wizards. After 10 minutes of casting, any creature no matter the HD will have to complete a magical instruction…no save. This is a permanent curse, and will not disappear until the magic is sated, no matter how long it takes. The creature can resist this compulsion, but doing so will slowly kill them until they renew their efforts towards the Geas/Quest. You could try and remove it, but you need a more powerful caster than the one who placed it on you, and if it’s the big bad of the campaign, it’s a guarantee you’ll never find a better caster. Continue reading

Conversations with a Therapist #1 – Blank Face, Bottled Fury

I used to see a therapist as a kid. A huge throng of them actually. Looking back I think it was a large waste of time and money, and I’m sure the parents are a tad furious about it. Okay, not really, because they were looking to help me through whatever troubles I may have been having at the time. The trouble is I think I just needed a friend and a better understanding of how the world really was.

That’s a little how it went for me and the last therapist I had. Near the end of our time together, he had a talk with me and one of my parents basically asking what it was I was doing there. I was pretty much a functioning, thoughtful and understanding individual, and in regards to who he usually took on (real headcases and suicidals), I was Average Joe. All the same, the time I spent with the guy was nice, and I think we had a few breakthroughs. What I try and tell myself in contrast to the guilt of guessing how much money went into such people over the years. Continue reading