ACen 2011 Adverts

As I mentioned in another blog, I have a bunch of adverts I’ve collected from ACen 2011. In no particular order, here they are…

  • Distant Worlds: Music from Final Fantasy – Should you be a fan of the music of Final Fantasy, fangasm here all you want.
  • Shuto con – A con.
  • Best Anime Shop – An anime shop…that’s apparently the best.
  • csandreas – YouTube guy who went through an amazing effort at creating a card not only for his digital world but Pokemon trading as well.
  • Ramencon – Another Con
  • NerdPow! – Expo based around video games and music.
  • Bluefin Distribution – Gundam retailer. Not an actual fan, but robots are cool.
  • Anime Crossroads – Yet another con.
  • mydjsobad – Music selling website based around Hardcore, J-Core, etc.
  • Squid Salad – Webcomic. All I know other than that.
  • Honey and the Whirlwind – Another webcomic.
  • Fear & Sunshine – Not a webcomic, but a comic printed out in book for the masses. They apparently have a new game coming out for android phones, so that’s cool.
  • BeKyoot – A strange package of a company that has games, comics, and lots of cute products. And it’s cute.
  • Anime-zing! – Con con.
  • AniMinneapolis – Conny con con.
  • Delusion in a Box– Artist homepage of Laura Kajpust.
  • DreamGear Studios – An artist’s blog/portfolio? Whatever, it’s pretty good stuff.
  • Lemonbrat – Store which sells cosplay clothing…I think. It looks like it’s a fairly new store, seeing as the “wings” section I was interested in didn’t have anything yet. Help the store out so I can see some wings dammit!
  • Anime World Chicago – Convention con con.
  • Youmacon – Om nom nom con.
  • Another Castle Crochet – Items of video game culture in crochet. Boom on this, because they had blue slime dice bags for sale…though for some reason not in the website’s shop. Shame!
  • Betrayal and Wisdom – deviantART of Allison Henderson (who also has a Twitter).
  • Problemtown – Off the wall webcomic. The advert I had detailed a mistake The Count made by counting three eggs before they hatched. Curious.
  • Virtual World Entertainment – Battletech community for awesome. Just another means to express your joy for big robots.
  • World Steam Expo – Steampunkers gather and make science happen.
  • Evanston Go Club – An official chapter of the American Go Association. Huzzah? Yes, huzzah.
  • Hardcore Synergy – The rave that beat my ass like no one’s business. You’re a fool if you can’t enjoy. Or someone who just doesn’t like raves. Either way works for me.

And that’s the lot which were in my pocket (or were at least capable of sharing in some format). Mind you, this is only an eighth of what you would find at ACen, so you’re still missing out on something wonderful and not even aware of it. So register for ACen 2012 already, and go out with a bang like the rest of us. We made it past this year’s catastrophe, however, so we might be able to party the end of times away. Worth a shot.


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2 thoughts on “ACen 2011 Adverts

  1. […] with the world. And this time I’ve taken the task of alphabetizing everything out instead of writing them out as I pull them. Mistake? And I will make sure I don’t do duplicates from last year’s haul as well. […]

  2. […] walks in the convention space and hotel. I try and keep away from sharing duplicated adverts from previous years, so in other words get yon butts to those previous posts and giver yer business to them […]

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