Channel Awesome…FML

Time management has always been a problem with me. I’ve long since come to accept I may be OCD, and coupled with the fact I fail at managing myself in any proper fashion, my life has been a mess. Prioritize, yes, but when things keep on building because you aren’t finishing what’s you’re priority, things tend to get very muddled. So even though I use this computer for a lot of work I need to be doing, more often than not I find a time to leisure, which eventually turns into hours of sitting in front of this blaring light. During those times, you will likely find me at websites viewing material created for Channel Awesome.

You know, that collection of websites that reviews movies, video games, comics, music, pop culture, etc. for the masses to geek out over. I first got my taste of what the place had to offer from perhaps the most popular face they have, the Nostalgia Critic (though I like to think of him as That Guy With The Glasses as he was originally known). I first saw him on YouTube, because that’s where he got his start. And then YouTube did a huge breakdown upon everyone who had any copyrighted material, even if it was under Fair Use…which TGWTG was under, because he was reviewing the material being shown. Or something along those lines.

So he created a website for himself, even going as far to create a video promo for the website. I saw it and nearly shit bricks, making sure to add it to my list of videos to check out for proper and sweet filmmaking. Granted, that too eventually got taken down, but TGWTG had already moved his work to his own website. I lost track of him since then, only noting a few of his reviews at times, but got back in force after being shown his supposed feud with the Angry Video Game Nerd. I laughed for several minutes long after the ending to the Nostalgia Critic’s second rant to the Nerd, and the fights were glorious. Yes, could be said a little silly, but they tug on my heart strings all the same. I grew up immersed in pop culture after all.

Began watching the Nostalgia Critic’s stuff when I could, which literally means all the time. Even though the site had plenty of other talent to enjoy, I didn’t know any of them, and didn’t feel the need to risk checking them out over the Critic. Yes, I was one of those fans, which is a bad thing because there was indeed great talent to be found. I wasn’t aware of who they were until forced with the reality when the second anniversary special: Kickassia. This has been my joy and bane in regards to the site. While it is a great piece of entertainment and I now know almost all of the crew because of it, I have since lost well over 50% of my free time to Channel Awesome because of a movie made a year ago.

Simply put, time is money, and I need my time/money. For the love of god, I need to stay away from Channel Awesome material if I have any hope of being anything similar to their ranks. Because damn that would be awesome. And yes, I’m going to be as prideful to say such a thing, and I loathe showing pride at all. All the same, I consider it a given that I can make something of worth that is on that level amongst the large collection of producers of Channel Awesome.

If I can just tear myself away from the screen and work on something that is. Not fair to blame Channel Awesome for making a good product, no more than I could blame W0W for making people starve themselves to death. I just need to maintain myself a little better than I have been, because this just isn’t healthy. One video every few days is what it’s going to have to be, but I’m keen on the idea of just going cold turkey for forty days and nights. Heck, it worked out for me with not eating meat, and I’ve been meaning to go back on that type bet for a long while, so why not do it for something that I actually need to keep away from?

To the Channel Awesome producers (and especially Phelous who rocks my socks off), I give my sincere thanks for entertaining me and having me look forward to what you bring each week. But honestly, this has turned into an addiction, and I need to hold myself back now. It doesn’t mean I don’t like you. It means I like you just a little too much. Will make my decision on what I need to do soon enough.


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