40 Days & 40 Nights: Channel Awesome

So I’m finally making the plunge and working off of feelings I’ve previously stated. I’m keeping my distance from Channel Awesome and affiliates until July 22. It’s fairly ridiculous the amount of time I spend there, and as the old saying goes, time is money. Don’t really have the luxury to spend what little time I have delving into pop culture. During this 40 Day/Night run at least.

The rules of the restraint are pretty simple: Do not visit That Guy With The Glasses or other websites affiliated with Channel Awesome. Do not visit any of the personal websites of the producers, who sometime post their new material before it’s shared at the main website(s). Following producers through Twitter is alright, because dammit would it be annoying to try and figure who I need to refollow after all this is through (following a total of 32 at this point, mind you). However, responding to the tweets they make or looking into the links they share will be considered delving back into the obsession of CA. For that matter, researching news, occurrences, happenings, etc. about CA and affiliates will also be a violation.

In that regard, my timing really sucks, because I’m quite sure the third anniversary video(s) will be released during this time, seeing as a teaser trailer was released last week. At least I’ll have those to look forward to, because if they’re anything like Kickassia I’m in for a treat. What gets my irk a little more is the fact Apollo Z. Hack (persona of Matt Burkett), a fairly new and talented producer of Channel Awesome, is not only leaving the site but leaving his series about the Reviewerverse unfinished.

I’m quite confused about what all went down, and I’m sadly one of those fan-boys who dug through the Internet to try and get as much info as possible, because it’s completely out of the blue to me. He officially joined up back in January with his first review, was part of the Channel Awesome panel at MAGfest (which he soon gushed over and other events later on), and all the way to April even said he was helping out with the production of the third anniversary. And then during May…something must have happened, or things in the background finally came to a head. He gave his notice, and sometime near the beginning of the month EVERYTHING of Apollo at TGWTG was deleted.

There’s more to it (of course), involving drama and broken trust between people, but I really loathe the idea on dwelling on it any more than I need to. Whatever the reason of Apollo’s separation from Channel Awesome, it’s a sad day because that guy had some talent, or at the very least plenty of talented people around him (the same way I speak of Kanye West actually). The Reviewerverse was a blend of action, comedy, and review…obviously. It gave a vision of CA that was fantastical, and actually inspired me to seek out the new media being presented. Hell, that’s one of the biggest draws I have to CA material, in that they not only present media I know and appreciate, but new media to discover and enjoy. Apollo had it in spades.

I don’t know what will happen from here on out, but in fear that the Reviewerverse episodes may be taken down, watch them while you can. In the meantime, I’m going to do my best to not touch anything related to Channel Awesome, because I need to remain free of mind during these 40 days and nights. Will be rough, but if I can go without meat during that time and longer, I can keep my eyes from burning away at the computer screen that is for sure. Just going to make them burn from other activity, like video production and other stuffus. Sadly can’t take a 40 day/night leave of that, no matter the circumstance.


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4 thoughts on “40 Days & 40 Nights: Channel Awesome

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