Conversations with a Therapist #6 – The Ever Swirling Seasons

I’ve had many a long conversation with my therapist it would seem. It would seem we also spoke on a subject I wrote as “Summer = Work, Winter = Rest?” This is of course written from the mindset of an 8th grader (or around that time), and at that point I have yet to have any sort of job. My understanding of the working world was limited oh so much, and I figured the means at which my parents supported me was like magic. If anything went wrong I would be cared for with very little effort. You know, your generic little shit. I’ve thankfully gained some understanding in the working world, and I condemn that shit to hell.

Regardless, the perception I had via this little subject was insightful all the same, flawed it may be. The closest relation it has is to the cycle of the hibernating bear. Coming out of Winter and all the way into the next, the bear will work and do what he can to make the most of the good weather. Gather food, meet a nice woman, have a barbeque, hike through the woods, run through a field of grass, break loose at a Con, go to the beach and swim, listen to a concert as Summerfest…you know, the stuff bears usually do.

Seriously though, how often do people go out and mingle with the rest of the world during the winter? Sure, it’s Wisconsin and all that, but we still enjoy being inside more than wandering out in the cold (as fun as that can be). Summer is where it’s hopping, when you finally have the chance to do what you wish outside due to reliable weather. Unless you’re a fool and can’t stand the heat and sit indoors all day, in which case you will likely never enjoy what the Summer has to offer. Hell, I’ve missed out on Summer activities for years now, and I’m not even sure how this Summer will turn out. No, not because I loathe the heat, cause I love it. I kinda need to if I bike almost 20 miles on my bike to Waukesha. No joke.

Of course, that’s just the cycle of a “bear” (ha ha), and I’m sure it isn’t that simple. More over, the complexities of human life and patterns are very different. And not just schooling, holidays, events, etc. but the actual time of day people are awake at. You wouldn’t really know it living in my hometown (was so lonely!), but there’s such a thing as a nightlife here in Milwaukee that thrives like no one’s business. Sure, it’s mostly there to accommodate the Night Shift workers who have a day off, but it’s there all the same. Seeing how it worked and then switching to the Morning Shift gives a whole new perspective to the world around you. Technically still a part of it due to my wretched sleep schedule, but as it goes.

All the same, thanks to holidays and other timely events, we can somewhat predict the patterns of how things work, even if we don’t know how it will turn out. For my current employ, it’s important to know those times due to how much it effects the business we get, and therefore the number of hours to be scheduled amongst the employees. It relies heavily upon customer participation, being a service and all, and more so with the dependance on college students. As such, Summer is perhaps the worst time for us to work, even with the breaks received through special events such as Summerfest. If anything, they may even hinder the business due to heavy traffic.

Knowing these patterns is all about a greater understanding of the world around us, and thinking it only works via your own personal vision shows how ignorant you are. If only it could be simple? Truthfully I actually like the complexity, which adds more colors to the rainbow. It’s a headache, but it’s certainly not that boring. In regards to this Summer I hope I manage to make the most of it, because it’s upsetting to note you’ve lived in the city for three years and have yet to even swim in Lake Michigan. No, jumping into freezing waters does not count. Work on getting some more work first I suppose. Work before play, regardless of what the proverb says.


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