Conversations with a Therapist #8 – To Hell With Politics

“What are Politics?” is what I asked my therapist. And for the life of me I don’t know what he told me. Something along the lines of, “the jibber jabber of what goes on between politicians?” Pretty good summary if you ask me, though I’m sure there was more to it than that. Politics? More like pile of dicks, right?

Okay, enough joking around, because politics is serious business. It’s the word we use whenever we speak on the workings of government, and that deserves our full attention. It’s important to know what’s going down, yes, but it’s more important to make sure the politicians are kept in line. Me? I’m more of the mind with V (and apparently Thomas Jefferson) that the government should fear their people. Because as far as I can see, the government works under one rule: The rich will always get richer.

No, this has nothing to do with Liberal extremism, even if a lot of what I believe would be considered Liberal. This is more to do with the fact that those in government are those with the power to begin with. Think on the process of government for a moment. It’s (supposedly) a lot of work and meetings, and you’re hardly paid enough for the work that you do (or should be doing). Who would want to work such a venture? Most people these days have enough on their plate to be working something extra such as making government happen, and a lot of those people should probably be working in government, but can’t due to other obligations.

The ones who are capable of coming to the plate are the well to do, who can take the expense government puts on them because it doesn’t hurt their obligations. Not only that, working within the system that effects what they do can be a nice fringe benefit, making the prospect of government work a full time job a gold mine. And because they have the power to alter lives, they have the power weed who gets in and out, making sure their seat in power is never threatened by those who really deserve the position.

Yes, I do realize that’s probably not the (full) reality of the matter, and I could do well to research who is within government and why, because I can’t honestly give any examples off of the top of my head to showcase this to you. Why? One, because I’m tired as hell and writing this at 3 in the morning. Two, because I don’t have the time to research all the jibber jabber and stifling of the public that is going on, because I’m trying to live in a system that’s not only faulty but of the government’s design. But to say there isn’t something rotten happening in Washington is a joke.

So, I pretty much rely on voices and minds I trust while trying to get through the day. Yes, this is lame, because it’s really no different in concept than someone who watches Faux Newz. However, I find these to be trustworthy in what they share. There’s the tumblr I Heart Chaos, which not only shares plenty of awesome on a daily basis, but the best news items which speak on something influential or thought provoking. If I need something wild and to the point, I have a listen to the Amazing Atheist, whose social commentary is sound…and that’s that. And when I want to know about the dirt on almost anyone in the spotlight, I turn to the cesspool of Encyclopedia Dramatica. The new one, and not Oh Internet which is a pile of crap compared to the original site…which is filled with crap.

Through them and similar outlets (and especially Dramatica), we come to the trump card against dirty politics. The one thing government has always had its hand in is information. Not necessarily control of the news, because it has no control of the news (supposedly) via the constitution. They controlled what news the news got, spinning what they could, and hush hush anything which would otherwise look bad in the public eye. As long as it controlled this information flow, the public would forget, and the workings of government would continue anew.

Thankfully, the Internet is making it capable of extending our short memory by having it forever archived somewhere should someone have the inkling to Google it. While it’s possible for your previous political failures to get swept under the carpet, the world is slowly growing more aware, not only sniffing out rotten secrets but catching the current ones more frequent and sharing them at a faster rate. I like that. Understanding and knowledge is key to survival, and the sooner we discover sludge trying to worm into office, the better.

This is of course the same Internet which will likely encode everything we have and are till there are no more secrets between us. And despite the fact I like my secrets, I prefer the honesty of such a world in comparison to the filth that gets tossed around. Mind you, I don’t believe it will ever come to that point, since many will likely fall back on the tactic shutting their mouths in all regards. Problem being a government doesn’t have that luxury, and must always be in the open explaining itself…or does it?

I don’t really know what more to say other than the hell with the man. This late at night and that’s really all I got. Seriously though, there is some downright garbage in Washington. Not to mention there are plenty of conspiracies around to give anyone a headache, and while many are considered whacky, some should really give you paws (ha ha punny). But much like the rest of society, I don’t have the time or energy to actually fight against the bogus government I empower, and can only continue to work in a system which will likely get worse. I’ll likely become docile or Hulk out at some point, so let’s just se how it goes.


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