My Akoha History #1 – About Sean Bedlam

Akoha is dead. Instead of giving you a description of what Akoha was (before the redesign), here’s someone much more intelligent to describe it to you. As I said, this was before the redesign. Sometime after this, the cards concept was ditched altogether, making them nothing more than novelty items. I still have some of these cards, and I honestly have no idea what to do with them. I’m a man who doesn’t believe in waste, and will even go as far to make the process of throwing things out a production if I get obsessive enough. Point in case.

Since the redesign, the focus became more blog oriented with no real life implementation to speak of. Sure, the missions required you to go out and interact with the world, but there was no more official hand off. You simply completed the mission then talked about it on the Akoha website, netting yourself points which you could use to buy smileys to give to others who complete their missions. It was a major downgrade, and a right shame for something that could have been awesome, even more so now that it’s officially dead (though the lasting members have made communities since the death).I’m not too hurt about it being gone, because I preferred the old method, and getting ideas of things to do on a free day was alright, though I didn’t need Akoha itself to share those experiences. To the heart of the matter: before the site went down, they gave existing members two weeks to save the content they created through its life (from the new design). To me it looked like a good means to fuel blog content, seeing as I just finished up a previous series, and I’m stale on ideas. Pretty much.

This week, an entry made on March 25, 2010, for the mission, “Read a Blog, Feed a Blogger,” which required you to tell the world about a blog writer you enjoy. The original mission for the old design required you to literally feed the blogger, which is much more nourishing than hoping someone clicks the links you share. Anyway, here it is…

Sean Bedlam is the smartest man in Australia. Okay, that’s a little much, but he’s amazing all the same. Smart, witty, insightful, and blunt beyond all belief. If you need a someone to point you in the direction of a little truth, Sean is the man for you. Listen and learn. For gods sake, learn.

The links I shared at the time are no longer valid, but he does still have a blog. Mind you, he’s not only a blogger, but a YouTube celebrity…who left the site a month ago because YT is a bunch of useless dickheads? Needless to say, he’s gone through a lot of changes since the time of writing the above, but he’s the same old witty man who said the right thing to get a reaction out of you. Like the line, “gay pussy nigger faggot,” which I use now and then to freak somebody out. May not be the smartest thing to say, but as it goes.


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2 thoughts on “My Akoha History #1 – About Sean Bedlam

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