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My Akoha History #3 – All Bran

The Akoha mission “Morning Fuel” dealt with sharing what you consume for breakfast, the most important meal of the day. I usually just throw some things together these days, such as a bowl of Cheerios, spinach, and two creme filled oatmeal cookies (and that’s on a good day). This usually results in very randomly awkward behavior on my part, and around the time I played this mission (March 25, 2010) I was working during the night and getting no sun. Not long after that, I was working in the sun but with twelve hour days.

So health was pretty much out the window, and I feel bad for the coworkers who had to cope with my crazy antics due to malnutrition and sleep deprivation. I’m getting better at it, though there’s still a way to go. At least this mission showed I was trying at the time, though I know I faltered badly well after it… Continue reading

40 Days & 40 Nights: Masturbation

I can finally consume chocolate. I am a happy guy. Though the question is, “Did I succeed in my goal to keep away from all chocolate?” Hell no! I failed within the first two weeks. I causally forgot I was on Lent when I was offered to eat some chocolate brownies offered by my sister in law, and didn’t realize my error until I dismissed the offer of chocolate days later. Then there was the time I needed to eat something in the morning while visiting family, and exasperated I had Nutella on toast, once again realizing my error days later.

Seriously, dismissing the consumption of chocolate is so alien to me, I can’t even remember I’m on a mission to keep it out of my mouth. Makes me wonder how I ever managed through my first Lent without meat. While it was a learning experiment, I still failed to keep chocolate out of my system. As long as we are on a trend of failure for my 40 Days & Nights trails, let’s try something I have no faith I can legitimately complete at all: Masturbation. Continue reading

My Akoha History #2 – Basement Dweller

This week on My Akoha history, I share the “Oh, the Memories” mission played on March 25, 2010. The premise of this mission is to share a photo which brings up fond memories (or just memories in general). In this case it’s a photo I took of myself in my family basement from a webcam unused by my younger brother. Just one of the many things I did to amuse myself in those depressing days. Moving on…

For a portion of my early adult life, I was counted among the many as a basement dweller. I would go to the computer and stay there many an hour working on things, away from the sun. Sure, I still do that in a sense these days, and yes, it really isn’t a positive thing to recall, but I remember great times down there all the same. Those red painted walls will ever be with me. Continue reading

The Return of Apollo Z. Hack

Apollo Z. Hack has returned. Back in the swing of things, he has released three episodes thus far of his new review show called DAMN! (with a curious mockumentary attached to the very first episode). All is well in the world.

Along with the mockumentary and first episode, Apollo brought forth a contest/giveaway/what have you by asking the community to bring forth reviews of the new format, both good and bad. To entice the masses, he offered forth a name drawing for DVDs of the movies he reviewed in his first and second episodes to those who brought forth decent insight. To that end, I thought I’d put forth my own words on his work. Sadly, I’ve already missed the deadline, but I didn’t feel right about it to begin with. Getting free awesome stuff is always grand, but getting it in such a fashion didn’t seem right to me. While that may seem strange, writing this after the contest takes a large weight off my shoulders. In either case, onto the review. Continue reading