My Akoha History #2 – Basement Dweller

This week on My Akoha history, I share the “Oh, the Memories” mission played on March 25, 2010. The premise of this mission is to share a photo which brings up fond memories (or just memories in general). In this case it’s a photo I took of myself in my family basement from a webcam unused by my younger brother. Just one of the many things I did to amuse myself in those depressing days. Moving on…

For a portion of my early adult life, I was counted among the many as a basement dweller. I would go to the computer and stay there many an hour working on things, away from the sun. Sure, I still do that in a sense these days, and yes, it really isn’t a positive thing to recall, but I remember great times down there all the same. Those red painted walls will ever be with me.

First, I have to admit that’s still pretty much the case today. Still working away at the computer doing stuffus, and not getting enough of the sun. Granted I now have the option to open up some shades because I’m no longer in the basement, and I have my mind on more important things whenever I’m on my computer throne (usually). And about the red painted walls: it was a project of my older brother when he attempted to have the basement work as a bedroom for himself. It didn’t last too long (far as my memory goes), and the paint job was actually unfinished, with only a few black stripes ever painted.

While it never went through, I’m certainly thankful for the actions taken to get a decent paint job, resulting in the basement getting cleaned up. For years it was filled with so much dust, webbing, and rubbish it required you to be careful how you walked. From the work to get a proper paint job, we not only got a computer locale, but enough space to play with dance pads and the capability to do laundry without worry of getting them dirty again. Too much. It’s a basement after all, right?

And while I spoke of the red painted walls in the past tense for that Akoha mission, the funny thing is they will be with me all the more, because I’ll be moving back home come the end of the month. The computer room is no longer in the basement, mind you, and laptops have pretty much become the norm in the household. It’s still a memory at least, and those times in the basement being lonely with the computer and crappy webcam are thankfully past. Now I’m living wherever with a better computer and a decent digital video camera. Upgrade!


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