My Akoha History #3 – All Bran

The Akoha mission “Morning Fuel” dealt with sharing what you consume for breakfast, the most important meal of the day. I usually just throw some things together these days, such as a bowl of Cheerios, spinach, and two creme filled oatmeal cookies (and that’s on a good day). This usually results in very randomly awkward behavior on my part, and around the time I played this mission (March 25, 2010) I was working during the night and getting no sun. Not long after that, I was working in the sun but with twelve hour days.

So health was pretty much out the window, and I feel bad for the coworkers who had to cope with my crazy antics due to malnutrition and sleep deprivation. I’m getting better at it, though there’s still a way to go. At least this mission showed I was trying at the time, though I know I faltered badly well after it…

All Bran is delicious. All Bran is healthy. I don’t know if my roommate eats it, but he’s certainly free to eat delicious and healthy All Bran. I think he has, since it seems lighter than the last time I poured a bowl. Nothing makes me more happy in the morning than some All Bran in my mouth. Just the thing I need to keep me going.

I think this is one of those moments where malnutrition and sleep deprivation were getting to my head, because not only is it looney, but it can be taken very badly. Nothing like All Bran in my mouth? I do recall a theme about my mouth being the topic in a lot of bizarre conversations at the time, a common one being, “If it was in my mouth, it’s mine.” Technically still is a topic, because I like to say, “If it looks delicious, put it in your mouth,” which I think is something to live by. So remember! Whenever you’re walking down the street and see something that looks good, remember to put it in your mouth. I approve this message.


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