My Akoha History #4 – Navy Shower

It turns out Akoha can be very educational along with being a social developmental tool. I didn’t even know what a navy shower was until I played the mission called “Navy Shower” (yes, very original). In a world of extreme consumption and over use, we tend to forget that water is one of the greatest resource we should be concerned about. The hell with oil, which runs our industry. In order to run our lives we need water, and should it dry up or get toxic we got one hell of a problem on our hands. So bless the navy for figuring out a means to conserve water and stay clean, which I tried for the first time on March 25, 2010…

Was actually a very enjoyable experience! Except shampoo was in my hair the whole time I washed with soap, and I couldn’t get it out of my eyes (soap as well) because I couldn’t use water. But hey! It’s better to keep the soap on a little longer than rinse it off in the comfort of the warm rushing water. And on that, I got to appreciate the warmth much better because I didn’t have much of it.

And the kicker? I’m still doing this (with less soap in the eyes). I’m sure it confuses the heck out of everyone within earshot of the shower turning on then off, but it’s done wonders with the amount of water I’ve used since then. I still catch myself going back on bad habits, mind you, because the feel of water rushing over your body is ever comforting. It’s that same comfort which has pushed us into ravage consumers, creating giant water parks to cater to that desire. Lesson learned (besides what a navy shower is)? Make yourself uncomfortable, and you may be able to hold onto something a little longer. On making sure it doesn’t go away forever, your guess is as good as mine.


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