My Akoha History #5 – Chumbawamba’s Tubthumper

March 25, 2010, was the date I played the mission Angst Avenger, which required me to submit the album art from a favorite record during my teen years. My teens years in terms of music were rather bare. The only music I ever really listened to on my own were the random cassette tapes from my father’s large collection, which had a focus on country but you would still find an assortment of rock and rap within as well. Being a kid, I had no understanding of what was “good” music. That’s how it is as a kid: you assume whatever is playing at the time must be good because why would there ever be a recording of it, or you would hate it for some reason even if the reality of the situation shows that the music is of fine quality. There have been plenty of moments I thought older music sucked because it wasn’t being played on the radio.

Again, a kid who didn’t know better, though I know there’s a point when you’re just being blatantly ignorant instead of uninformed. These days, I continue to call myself eclectic, being that I grew up with a good dose of country and classical music, and dabbled in the music around me found through networking and the Internet. Even so, I find myself usually connecting with electronic dance/rock/pop/etc. than anything else, if only because I like the way synthesizers sound in my brain: a bunch of frying sparks clashing and exploding in an amazing symphony.  In other words, Chiptune tends to win me over the most, because it’s a combo of video game nostalgia and the same burning feeling I get from electronic music in general. Support PANDAstar and company bitches.

Point being, due to my lack of understanding of music at large, I wasn’t really given any gifts of music during my teen years, though being that I was a tuba player in the school band my parents did get the idea to gift me a collection of classic classical cassette tapes from Beethoven, Bach, and other composers around that era. During one such year though, we had bought the first family computer, which was used by me up until I got my MacBook years later (almost TEN YEARS of use…and it’s still kicking). As a means to quickly get use out of the tower, I was gifted my first CD, from which a popular single from the album had been playing a lot over the radio, and I therefore thought it to be good: Tubthumper, the album which brought anarchist British musical group Chumbawamba into the mainstream. Here’s what I had to say on the day I played the mission…

Chumbawamba’s album “Tubthumper” was the very first CD I owned. It was a Christmas present, and we immediately put it into the computer to play (also new). I didn’t get into it till a couple years later, when I realized the music and words were awesome.

The CD eventually went missing, and I think it may have been stolen. I still own the empty case as a reminder, and have just recently bought another one (this one with a CD). Should I throw out the old one? Don’t know. Just enjoying the music. 🙂

Yes, Tubthumper was an album I eventually grew to enjoy after it sat in my collection for a few years. Back when I got it, I was into playing singles over and over again, which I still sometimes do, but in the end it’s about an artist’s fuller body of work than that one thing they can do. As a kid, I thought the album sucked other than the single Tubthumping, but as an adult I can fully appreciate what the rest of the album has to offer. It’s an interesting blend of synth, brass instruments, and social commentary that can be a bit unsettling if only because most albums don’t ask the listener to think on real issues. Oh, and did I mention I love the sound of a British accent?

The part about it being stolen is still a bit of a mystery to me, and while I think I could point fingers and lay blame to those who took away my property, it’s in the past and no longer worth it. I’d much rather continue living and think whoever it was realizes the hurt they caused and be all the better for it. As already noted, I bought another used CD of Tubthumper at some point, and I still have it as a part of the shoebox collection of CDs I have. Considering I used to have two shoeboxes (and then some) before I sold/gave away the lot, the fact I still own this album says a lot.


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