2011 In Review

And so, we come into the new year, making this blog a year and three months old. Why am I noting this? Because it would seem the WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2011 annual report for this blog. Seeing as they went through the effort to make this for me (and every other WordPress user for that matter), I thought it would be interesting to comment on the results. Yes, it’s basically more filler, but I’m keen on reflection, which I tend to do more than actually doing work that brings about the need for reflection. As it goes.

First off, my most popular post of the year was Talking D&D: Railroading, and in a strange coincidence the day it was posted was also the most my blog was viewed. I could get paranoid and believe it wasn’t a coincidence at all, but I got better things to be worrying about than wonder who, how and why someone is reading my work. Makes me smile just to know my words are reaching someone.  Must be doing something right if I Google the keywords “Railroading” and “D&D” and that post ends up second to top (and on the first page with “Railroading” on its own).

Now that I think about it, plenty of my material shows up first in Google. One example is a project I made for the Caste of Killers, where I recently found out my production is receiving top billing in searches for the comedy collective. More to this blog, many of my other blog posts (the ones part of a series at least) are getting the same treatment. Mind you I’m pretty sure this is just Google understanding my preferences, and I managed to test this and found evidence as such. It’s still interesting to note how wide my words and works are spreading, even if it seems like nowhere. Moving on.

The next most popular post I wrote dealt with my pact to do without porn, and while Railroading got more views, it was because of this post my viewership almost doubled. That’s not saying much given the fact I don’t get high numbers to begin with, but it’s something of value all the same. This has to be another fluke though, because the amount of spam comments I get went up as well, along with viewership on an international level. As I learned from a friend a long time ago who is big on the Internet, the Russians are always trying to sell you something via their constant spam. However, as with the last observation it’s a curious thing how people get hooked on your material. I bring up how I need to do away with certain things in my life for reflection, and the Internet thinks they’ve found themselves a deviant. May be a little true, but them Spam Bots should be programmed with a little common sense.

So that’s what I gather from my collective statistics…what’s to come in 2012? More impressive and consistent blogging, a lot more Akoha History and other rubbish to be sure. One of the things I’ll finally need to get back to is more Talking D&D, if only because I owe someone a Class Progression after I dissed a little too hard. Long time coming, that is for sure. In regards to my life, more living and troubles will be had for sure, but mostly a lot of intended progress. With stress lower than ever, I should finally have the focus to work out the balance I never could have in Milwaukee. Saving up my funds and kicking debt out of my life has a date of June/July 2012, and that’s only if a wench isn’t thrown into the mix (which will more than likely happen).

I’m still hopeful as ever, and there are plenty of possibilities still open to me, for which I’m ever thankful. Here’s to high hopes being realized. Let me get my Jägermeister and have a Happy New Year.


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One thought on “2011 In Review

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