My Akoha History #7 – A Proper Manicure

I forget the specifics, but the mission “Let Me Try That” required me to learn something from another and possibly teach something in return? Considering there’s no way to properly reference this in the now, a guesstimation will have to do. For my lesson, I learned the basics of a proper manicure on May 17, 2010. Yes, this oh so manly man learned how to file his nails mind the cuticle. Instead of dilly-dallying, I’ll go straight into what I wrote…

For the longest time, I’ve had bad nail care. What else can be said? It was never taught to me while growing up, and I never really had a point to keep a look out on proper care. That is until work has slowly been whittling them down, requiring me to seek out those with some sense to teach me some.

Learned what a proper manicure is, how to upkeep, and pretty much everything else fingertip related. Don’t know what it is I can offer her in return, but I’m willing to give (almost) anything for the help she has given me. I’m sure there’s something in this head of mine which can be helpful. 🙂

As it’s clearly written, I learned the procedure to restore the strength and look of my nails, and not because I’m turning into a girly girl, so your means to poke at me through that will fail. No, if anything your focus should be on the Rocky Horror vlog I made in a pink dress. Which I love the skirt of, but hate the top, and have always intended to do something to spruce it up. Perhaps a black and red corset would fit nicely? Moving on.

Every now and then I still manage to give myself a proper manicure, but it doesn’t seem to be enough given how rough they look. That’s mostly due to the line of work I’m in,  which is actually messing up my whole hand. Least I’ll be able to give much more epic massages now, though my practice is extremely off. Point being, the manicure is a skill I’m thankful to have, given I would have next to no fingernails if I kept going as I was.

In regards to the lesson I was to give in return to the one who taught me about the manicure, I’ll just assume I taught her enough if only because she taught me a lot. Will have to do because she will no longer be a part of my life, something I have come to accept and even smile over. I have my memories and skills learned from her, and I can only hope she’s doing as well as me. Hopefully better, because being “rock bottom” is not a place I wish anyone but the most hated to be at, and my capacity to hate is slim at best. Better the world work in harmony than grind to dust what is precieved as garbage, otherwise everything would be dead.

And just so I don’t leave readers on a sour note, here’s something weird and funny for you all. Enjoy and be merry. It’s a New Year of possibilities after all.


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2 thoughts on “My Akoha History #7 – A Proper Manicure

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