40 Days & 40 Nights: Neopets

I’ve begun playing my Gameboy again, and I’m not too thankful, given the reason I decided to give it up (sorta). Will be finishing up the rubbish that is Dawn of Souls soon enough, but damn is it infuriating. Who knows? Maybe only half of the game will be rubbish, though that still doesn’t help the overall value of the whole product. Such a shame for such a famed early game, and I’d like to say the remake had potential, but how far can you go with the annoying concept of Random Encounters? I may be glad this is something of my past and not present.

But enough of my future pain, and to talk of my next 40, yes? It shall be something I’ve taken a great obsession to like Channel Awesome material (may need to give it up again), and it eats up a lot of my spare time upon the Internet when I could be using it to communicate. Or more importantly, create content instead of consuming it. And to be honest, I don’t really gain that much from it all, save for the nostalgic memories of being part of it and the power it seems to give me. I am of course talking about Neopets, which I’ve been playing on and off since 2000. Yes, you can start laughing.

Neopets is one of those early gaming sites of the Internet which attempted to create a community of people getting psyched over caring for a digital pet. Since their humble beginnings they have garnered thousands of users and hundreds of games, where there were propably only twenty at most in the first two years. I got hooked in high school, and I’m sure plenty of people can note me playing games to maximize my Neopoint profit (that’s the currency in the world). Through the years, I’ve managed to keep tabs with the game and have become amazingly intrigued by the stories they create and develop, especially when it harkens back to the old history.

I made sure to say, “you can start laughing,” because Neopets tends to be seen as a kids gaming site and especially for girls, because they are the ones who enjoy making their pets and homes accessorized and beautiful. Or something like that. I can understand the reasoning for such thoughts, being that it’s the same argument given about Bronies and their appreciation of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. But to be honest, while Neopets may have turned into a marketing device for children, it started up as a college student past time, and the appeal is still there if you can get past all the glamor. And My Little Pony is an amazing show…period.

My obsession, however, is what keeps me around Neopets, My most recent stint being a king in the Auction House, where I would bid constantly. At my worst I’ve bid on over 300 items in one sitting, and that’s well over an hour of work for just one aspect of a gaming site. Least it’s nothing like my earlier years, where I would notify everything Neopets within the the PinkPT (Pink Poogle Toy) wiki known as the NeoDex. I was a head admin at the time, so I suppose it’s required of me, but I certainly wasn’t doing any favors to my real life by being upon it all the time as I was.

All the same, I’d like to stick around and play if possible, if only so I can finish up on a few things I left in the NeoDex before I quit my duties as the head admin. That and I still enjoy the continuing story of Neopets, though I have to wonder how long they can keep it going (this past year was rather stale). Still, I need me a break, and I’ll be back to my appreciation of the Kacheek and other cute animals around February 25, 2012. Till then, I’ll see what I can do to take myself away from Channel Awesome once again, and other producers while I am at it. Sorry, I’m still going to masturbate, and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it either. I need to do something to clear my head, now that I’m taking initiative with some things. Apparently. As it goes.


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3 thoughts on “40 Days & 40 Nights: Neopets

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