My Akoha History #8 – Google Maps

Scouring the Internet for otherwise deleted data is rough, and it pretty much tells you how much the Internet cared for Akoha if it couldn’t even be bothered to speak about Akoha even in the most obscure of forums. So yet again, I have to rely on guesstimation on what the mission “Roger Robot” was about. Played upon August 24, 2010, Roger Robot probably had me talk about a technical tool which has helped me tremendously in my life. For me, it was a matter of what helped me interact and communicate with the world a little easier.

There’s obviously the Internet, whose tools of mass communication are by far the leading force of this world in the now. Email, IM, simple video sharing and networking have cut the fat on so much misinformation it’s almost ridiculous. Of course, just as something can bring you closer together, it can also take you apart from everyone, and the basement-dweller is a much more common thing these days. So if I had to chose a tool of the Internet which not only excelled my life but brought me closer to interacting with it, I would have to go with Google Maps.

As a delivery driver, a man out of water, and just a curious man on where is what in the world, I adore Google Maps. Pretty much everything I would like to know about the city of Milwaukee and the surrounding Wisconsin area can be shown to me with conjunction of Google Search.

Sure, it’s a little concerning when I consider the “spy satellite” above us and the fact I found my uncle sitting in front of my old home, but it’s all good. I can at least pretend I’m homing in to bomb something with futuristic technology.

While there’s plenty to wonder about in regards to the privacy issues Google Maps brings to the table, it’s become the go-to site for map directions and finding almost anything in the world. With its satellites taking countless pictures of everything including Area 51 (though I’m sure the feds covered something up…MIB), it’s a marvel of discovery and travel which has made defining one’s sense of direction to a point not possible in the past.

Granted, it’s not infallible, as I discovered this past weekend. Having recently moved and needing to go back to the ACen staff meetings, I needed all new directions. Trusting in Google Maps because it never failed me before, I was not only over an hour late from my intended arrival, but the driving time was also off by an hour. I suppose that’s what happens when you take a route through residential areas and travel signs necessary upon the road are not present. Same deal happened with my second stop that weekend, but the locale was manageable enough I was able to wing it. If that wasn’t the case, I would have been so lost.

Still, I trust in the system they have in place, because while it’s bound to have glitches now and then, it’s certainly going to be improved, because that’s the type of company Google is. If anything my bad experience with the directions given is a sign I need more research into how Google Maps works, and properly integrate it with my understanding of real life surroundings. Trusting too much in a machine will be the death of us all if we allow it to happen. No, not Terminator death of us, just in general. Do you want to live in a world where no one knows how to make a spoon without a machine to assist?


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