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40 Days & 40 Nights: eBay

My Neopets withdrawal went by rather quickly and smoothly. In the end I fell back upon other time wasters, like Channel Awesome, YouTube, and Newgrounds. Not a very healthy choice for myself, given I have so much to catch up with in my life, and it’s becoming quite annoying to everyone when I keep telling them I haven’t gotten a hold of my life yet (you the reader included). So I’ll stop being redundant and get on with it.

In regards to getting on with my life, I’ve come into a job since November that isn’t good for my health, but was a job willing to pay me for the work I could do. I gladly signed on, and even got a lot of my debt paid off. But due to the fact I actually have a spine when it comes to ethics (even though it takes me awhile to stand up for them), my last day on the job will be this Friday. As such, the income will be cut till I can find something new, which should be really easy considering I was almost immediately offered this position upon moving home. Or it could be really hard, considering I never bothered to see what the job market is really like. Again, I got this job almost immediately. Continue reading

My Akoha History #9 – MLK’s I Have a Dream

Finally. An Akoha mission I’m able to remember. “I Have a Dream” was played on August 30, 2010, and required me to look through a very popular speech done by none other than Martin Luther King Jr. and pick my favorite lines. Not that hard at all…then again, it’s a fifteen minute speech, and I can’t even sit through a presentation that talks about anime and piracy without nodding off, and I enjoy that topic, so…yeah.

On MLK himself, I really don’t know that much. I have thoughts and memories as a child where I was told he was great, read books about how he was great, and went about talking how he was great, but I never did it as an adult where it really matters. A child is impressionable and will pretty much do anything that sounds good and fun if it’s beneficial for the self, and it’s my believe I fell under that mentality. I know how much the USA likes to associate with and spread the message of MLK, but I don’t know a damn thing about MLK that is part of my adult mind and not from the mind I have nothing to do with anymore. Continue reading

Double Dipping will Kill You

In my never ending journey to cut the fat and garbage from my life (and to notarize it as well), I found an old large yellow piece of paper which noted my “research” to poke at my Mother about a little pet peeve she had: Double Dipping. You know, like chips and the sort? Sometime between 2002-2005 (don’t quote me bro), my Mother voiced a concern about spreading germs through a mutually shared dip, even going as far to point out a recent Ann Lander’s article (or did I bring that forward? Doesn’t matter much anymore, but I feel a distinction needs to be made). And being who I was at that time (or so I think), I sought to challenge her.

It’s a questionable situation though, especially given that it happened in the past, and I’ve already voiced how deeply I’m connected to those memories. I’m not even sure if Double Dipping was something that upset my Mom either, and I think it was in fact something I blew out of proportion (coincidentally enough something I excuse her a lot of as well). I could be wrong, if only because I’m so disconnected from my previous self, but I believe I simply noted something which got on my Mother’s nerves and continued to press it for the sake of entertainment. More so, I probably didn’t really see the big deal in either direction, because I was the kind of ass that played devil’s advocate. I was a shit like that. Continue reading