40 Days & 40 Nights: eBay

My Neopets withdrawal went by rather quickly and smoothly. In the end I fell back upon other time wasters, like Channel Awesome, YouTube, and Newgrounds. Not a very healthy choice for myself, given I have so much to catch up with in my life, and it’s becoming quite annoying to everyone when I keep telling them I haven’t gotten a hold of my life yet (you the reader included). So I’ll stop being redundant and get on with it.

In regards to getting on with my life, I’ve come into a job since November that isn’t good for my health, but was a job willing to pay me for the work I could do. I gladly signed on, and even got a lot of my debt paid off. But due to the fact I actually have a spine when it comes to ethics (even though it takes me awhile to stand up for them), my last day on the job will be this Friday. As such, the income will be cut till I can find something new, which should be really easy considering I was almost immediately offered this position upon moving home. Or it could be really hard, considering I never bothered to see what the job market is really like. Again, I got this job almost immediately.

And so I’m going to need to start watching my cash once again, though it’s well known I don’t spend it anyway, so I don’t have too much to worry about. But given that it’s still good to keep in mind I possibly won’t be able replace it, it’s best to choose a monetary choice for my next 40. Problem being I don’t really have much more to cut from my life, given I don’t travel much, watch/rent movies, buy comics, or even go out. That’s a huge chunk of change right there. If anything is in access, it would likely be my D&D gaming, though I consider it appropriate given that again I don’t spend much, and if I am going to spend, it may as well be on my “poker night”…yeah, that’s what I’m going to call it.

But a certain habit of mine recently brought attention to the fact I may be falling off my high horse should I let it continue. In my dream of having good things and getting them cheaply, I joined eBay on November 2010. I was looking to get some gaming materials cheap to expand my gaming know how, and damn did they have it. And I kept buying. Sure everything I bought was likely half off or more than where I would get it elsewhere, especially given some of these items were marked at full price in stores. All the same, I’ve spent a total of $238.77 since my time there, of which a third is likely something other than gaming material.

The habit I speak of on eBay deals with finding low priced items and putting a “max bid” upon it, stating how far I’m willing to pay for a certain item. Should the bids not get that high, I could actually pay less than that max bid. I’ve placed likely hundreds of bids in this fashion just to make sure I got the great deal, and eventually raising that max bid should they all be sniped from me for too long. I eventually did get myself a steal of an item, or at least that’s what I thought when I won a couple weeks ago. The item? A Nintendo DS, even though I have no games for it, and really shouldn’t be considering new games. My logic concluded I was making an investment I was eventually going to make anyway, but when you are already happy with your Game Boy Advance SP, why are you looking for more stuff?

And thus I realized I was doing exactly what I didn’t want to do: spend money on unnecessary items. And when you’re living the poor man’s life in an attempt to regain your footing for independence away from home, that’s the last thing you want. Point taken all the more when I found out the item I bid on wasn’t for a DS at all, but for a cardboard case which holds the DS, and I put down enough money as if I was buying a DS itself. Currently in communication with the seller, and it’s nothing looking good thus far, even though the last few bidders were close to my own and they likely read the description clearer than me. Or fell for the sniping habit I grew accustomed to on eBay as well.

So this decision to kick eBay from my life is a timely one, and I’m happy for it because it like many other things in my life are yet another drain I literally could not afford. eBay is still an amazing site full of deals if you look hard enough, and that’s why I and so many others get addicted to it. Hell, bidding is what got me all addicted to Neopets all over again, and I’m already back upon that habit. Will likely be checking out the deals once this stint of 40 is done, because again, they are steals in regards to what you would usually get in a garage sale or peer to peer (I think). My taxes should be in my hand as well when that comes round, and I suppose that would be the way to invest it, though it would likely be smarter to invest in the community around me (Walmart doesn’t count).

As it goes that date will be April 7, 2012…yes, that means I’ve already been working on this instead of waiting for this post to come up. What can I say? I’ve become fairly disgusted with myself over my eBay use. Would like to keep my money in my pocket while I still can. I’ll only visit to keep tabs with the seller of the Nintendo DS box so something can be figured, and catch up on writing reviews for what I bought. For long time readers, you may even note I used them for writing fodder in earlier posts, so it’s just good business to keep up with things like that.


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