My Akoha History #11 – The Front Porch

I’ve intended to make weekly blogs since I got back on the band wagon, and I’ve since let that falter. This is because most of the entries I would write take more effort than I’m willing (aka lazy), or I don’t have anything other than Akoha History. And I loathe the idea of having nothing but Akoha history for weeks on end. But should I keep with that thought, I likely won’t be done talking about Akoka till next year in consideration with my current output, and who wants to read about a website that’s been dead since August 15, 2011? So even if it it means having nothing but me reminiscing about things that don’t matter (or do they matter?), I’m intent on finishing this up. Besides, I have my Akoha Backlog to worry about, which is all the missions I intended to do…honestly, what’s wrong with me?

*ahem* “Oh, the Memories” dealt with talking about an old photo which inspired deep and strong memories within you, and this photo is dual purpose. One, it’s a photo from my old family front porch, the one that can still be seen from Google Maps (I have to wonder when they will change that). Two, it’s a photo I took for an old friend of mine, whom I don’t even want to call an acquittance anymore because of how much hate I feel for that person. In summary, my delves into trusting the wrong crowd are many, and this one was so wretched it pushed me to reevaluate everything in my life. Could be said it was the point where I became “alive”, but I won’t bore you with such talk and get on with the words of my Old Self…

An old photo, but it works for what I want to say: I LOVED my family front porch. Granted, it looked ratty due to the half finished paint job (half scraped paint for a coat that never happened), but it was a front porch in every sense of the word. Open standing room at the entrance where you could grill, steps to the landing, and a swing for a couple to sit on.

It no longer exists. Parents decided to wall it off and turn the area into a entryway, bathroom, and closest for a downstairs bedroom. I like what they did with the space, but dag yo…I loved that front porch. Going to miss it.

Being that I’m back in the family home, I ever Sad Face over the choice my parents made in regards to the remodeling, but it is their choice, and I’m ever willing to except that. Still, it bothers me to know we can’t sit out and appreciate the rain upon a two person swing. That’s a moment I would love to share with future people, given how much it enriched my life as I grew up. Suppose it’s something I can look for in future endeavors, though it’s best to look to the future in general than dwell on the past. Suppose that’s another reason why I could want Akoha History done with, yes?


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