My Akoha History #12 – Cheap Birthday Gifter

“Master of Birthdays” required me to give someone a rememberable birthday gift, surprise, or just a gift in general…maybe. I can’t properly remember what was necessary, or even know if what I did manage to give was on par with what I had to do. All the same, it was a gift where there was otherwise none, and for that I am happy and thankful I could at least go that far. Seriously, my track record the last few years has been horrible in terms of keeping up with dates, promises, intentions, etc. that I’ve come to the desire of wanting to give up entirely. Why bother trying for a few when I can’t please all like I desire? Yes, I realize that’s faulty logic, and I’ve come to realize that, but I ever wish to please the lot knowing full well I could never get that goal, let alone think on myself in the process.

Played on November 1, 2010, a coworker of mine had his birthday pass, and I wanted to start being appreciative to my coworkers who I felt had my back when the chips were down. I wasn’t really a part of their lives, but I ever wanted to be, so if I could do a small thing like give a birthday gift, it was at least something. But along with the problem of being horribly inept at keeping with intentions, I couldn’t keep up with the funding, which unlike my inept control of my life I couldn’t change (though that’s a debate for another time). As such, I had to get creative on how I could give him something rememberable but cheap. Apparently I’m so cheap it hurts. As it goes…

I cut up some post cards and made some Man Cards for my coworker. Didn’t know what to get him, but I think very highly of him and his manliness, and thought giving him some cards to show round would be a perfect gift to compliment his…manliness. Of Man.

Needless to say, it was a tad unexpected, and therefore brought on laughter, which is nice. Then again, a lot of the stuff I do with others is a little off as it stands, getting the same reaction. Still, it was a little different for me to give such a gift, and I’m glad to have given something interesting. Now I just have to hope he doesn’t lose his Man Cards by doing something un-manish.

Now I wonder if Man Cards should be a game, or if it’s already a game? 😀

So while the gift was cheap as hell, it was appreciated on some level, and was even told later on how it was spoken of with merriment, so at least I did something right that day. Every other day I failed, given that I missed out on so many other birthdays, let alone all other occasions I wasn’t part of. One of the many failures I have come to accept, and continue to struggle with. As noted in a recent vlog, I’m getting better, but I’m still faltering enough that I let others down in the long run. I do my best to focus on the fact I’m changing and getting better, but it’s ever a bother to continue to fail. Though this thought also gives me hope, in that I recall that failure gives me wisdom, and I kinda like the idea of continually gaining wisdom. Sorta.

I’ve since given Man Cards out to a few people here an there, most effectively to my brother when I gave him a copy of the move The Spirit, because only a Real Man could appreciate such a film of Manliness. My old roommate got one as well, and that was pretty chump for what a boss like him deserves. As it is with all folks, I’ll need to touch base and make right as much as I can, though I continually wonder if I’m even capable of making right where so much wrong has come about. This is a “little” negative, I know, though I tend to get that when when I reminisce on the past, which has plenty of bad. But as I’ve said in the past, I loathe being a broken record, so I’ll stop right there.

And seeing as I have nothing other than that, here’s a completely bizarre creation called DARKSIDED from M dot Strange, creator of We Are the Strange. Part one. It gets more bizarre later on. Enjoy?


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