40 Days & 40 Nights: Ice Cream

I can finally waste my money once again on eBay, though I really don’t think I want to at this point. Having little funds and little income makes for a sad man, and I honestly don’t know what I could buy that I’d need. There’s always more Dungeons & Dragons material to buy, that is for certain, not to mention all the other gaming materials I never touched. Could also upgrade all the tech I have and make the push to finally get a Nintendo DS (and do it right this time). And it’s a given I’ve been keen getting another Canon HG10 for bigger productions, so why the heck not?

Because I don’t need it, and I certainly don’t intend to be playing any new games or filming anything impressive soon. Better to work with what I got than spend, spend, spend till I have more than I can do anything with. Just another one of those never-ending goals in my life: to cut the fat and become more efficient. It’s a skill that still requires a lot of development, including the willpower to make things happen, but as it goes. And while I’m making the push to keep away from eBay, I do have to wonder what I’m going to do with the eBay certificate of $o.50 which will expire at the beginning of may. Surely I don’t want that to go to waste?

But hey, we’re coming up on a year of 40 Days & Nights, and this Lent business has been rather reflective. This next Lent after this will put us past the one year anniversary, and it’s impressive to see how far I’ve come. I still watch Channel Awesome constantly, still look at porn and most assuredly masturbate to it, still consume chocolate like a fiend and play games like it’s going out of style. Yes, so much change, but plenty of reflection on who I am and where I’m going. As such, I like the idea of doing this for another year, because the challenge of reworking my lifestyle is a test of endurance, will, and randomness that I think I need in order for me to grow. If I can’t make the work happen of my own will, may as well make a challenging game out of it in order to trick myself, right? That was the appeal of Akoha after all, though they detracted from that and eventually…well…

So with being the last Lent kick before the start of Year 2, it’s a given I’ve run out of ideas (or extremely uncreative). I’ve otherwise went down the list this past year of things which either brought me down or I wanted to be without for awhile. The fact this post took so long to come around (besides being lazy) was because I felt really stuck at what it was I could do. I even went as far to ask the world via Twitter what should be done, and because no one gives a crap about my self indulgent trails, obviously no replies were had.

I finally got around to it while speaking about it with my current girlfriend, who recommended I give up YouTube and D&D, which I could understand why. They were otherwise my constant throughout the past year, and giving them up would not only be hard, but unthinkable. I’m in the midst of finishing up my current D&D campaign, which I said in the past would be done within the year. It’s coming to that point now, and while it looks like I won’t make it, that I’ve finally gotten there feels amazing, and it would not only annoy me but my players if I told them it needed a hiatus. And YouTube, well…where the heck else am I going to share the video productions I make? I suppose I could make productions and bide my time on when to release them, but that doesn’t sit too well with me, so both of those ideas are out (for the time being).

And then ice cream was mentioned, and I felt like a fool to not think of it before. A craving I’ve been having in the past few months is any ice cream with gobs of Nutella thrown into the mix. You have no idea the deliciousness this causes, especially with vanilla ice cream. And let’s be honest, ice cream (that is to say decent ice cream) costs a lot, and if I can save some dollars by not rushing to get a pint here and there, I’m not only saving my health but my wallet. Must say though, the lack of ice cream is going to make me sad. Will need to make up for this by having more Nutella.

I officially started April 10, 2012, because the previous night I lost all self control when I noted a box of coffee toffee ice cream in the freezer, and just had to have it (with Nutella of course). If you’re going to be without something for awhile (which in the now is May 21, 2012), you may as well go all out. Gods, now I’m craving the stuff. Writing blogs about foods I love but can’t have is ever a bad idea.


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One thought on “40 Days & 40 Nights: Ice Cream

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