My Akoha History #14 – What is Freedom?

I’m an oddball. I’m quite aware of this. Many of the actions and thoughts I take are out of the norm, more often than not getting me into trouble. Mind you, this is most possibly the mindset I’ve retained since childhood, where as now most adult wouldn’t give a crap, but I digress. The point is a lot of what I do shocks the people around me, which is something I’ve become not only accustomed to, but appreciative as well. If I can shock someone in such a way that makes them smile and also lets them know who I am a little better, all the better. And even though I’m supposedly “odd” to the rest of the world, I know their others much worse in that regard. Given that I feel incredibly normal and frankly don’t care if told I’m odd, because that just means the other person hasn’t really matured yet. Which I know sounds incredibly backwards because I know how immature I can also be, but as it goes.

Just needed to re-clarify that with the mission “Light the World” played on December 9, 2010. It asked for users to take a picture of freedom, of which was difficult for me to do. My video camera had photo capabilities, yet I had no memory card to make it work, and the process of getting photos from film was bothersome. I had a camera phone at the time, but each picture sent to my email cost me. So instead of taking my own photo, I used another photo someone else took (and was also edited in some fashion), which technically means I never completed this mission properly. But when did I ever let that stop me? And once again, I stress so very much how strange in thought and action I am. You may proceed.

I know it’s a strange thing to say. It’s odd and bizarre, but I’m going to say it anyway: Freedom is being able to take a simple photo of our newest president and adding text to imply the president is going through his Oh Face.

Soldiers of war torn lands are rolling in their graves at what they have given their lives for, but this is what I think freedom represents (in a small fashion at least). To be able to make something like this for sheer humor and expect no consequence is the height of freedom. So take a hold of your freedom and enjoy yourself a little. You will lose out on a lot if you hold back.

Feel free to pepper me with knives if you wish, but I still hold to this thought. It’s a simple photo and edit to make a simple joke, and too often those in power would say it’s a horrible offense to do something like this. To hold strong and share a photo like this and continue to make more is to express freedom from that oppression, which are upheld by many laws within the USA. Oh, and to hold true to the idea of freedom in general. And to get political on this thought, freedom doesn’t have anything to do with adhering to a central body of government, or even acknowledging the dead who have fought to make sure your current state of life came to be. USA has tried a little too hard to make the concept of freedom into something it is not, whose definition refutes so many we’re “supposed” to accept. Though I’m really just one random fool in a see of folk who have talked of freedom.

And that’s really how it rolls. I’m not here to talk about what US Citizenship entails, because I probably don’t know what I’m talking about. I’m a random fool in a sea of fools, who is more normal than you would think. That I can go out into the world and share some of these outlandish ideas to show who I am and at the small chance of a smile makes my day. That and getting a paycheck, which I’m wanting ever so much these days. Yes, that’s random. Now deal with it.


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