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My Akoha History #17 – Conquering Fear

“Harmless Bogeyman” is another thankfully quotable mission that asked Akohans to “Write about the greatest fear you have, and how you have learned to overcome it.” While I make myself out to be a tough guy in terms of what I can handle in comparison to others, I do have my fears. Sure, I can sit through pretty gruesome acts of violence and horror which would make others run in disgust, but I once wouldn’t walk around town for fear of certain people seeing me even if they didn’t come round that part of town. These days I jog about in overalls with a yellow shirt in the middle of a thunderstorm because I could give all kinds of crap what people think. Moving on.

Played on January 16, 2011, I spoke of a fear a lot of us can lay claim to through their early years: being afraid of the dark. Not necessarily just the dark, but what’s waiting for you in the dark of your bedroom while you try to rest. This is something that a lot of kids get over round middle school or so when puberty comes round to give them the adrenaline rush to feel they can take on anything, but for me? I don’t think I got over my fear of the “boogeyman” till sometime after high school. Yes, rather shameful I know, but if you watched Japanese horror films like me, you would be afraid too. Continue reading


40 Days & 40 Nights: Instant Messaging

By this point I have likely consumed vast quantities of ice cream. You are welcome to be jealous. I rather think you should feel sorry for my poor stomach and rotting teeth, though I’m sure you’ll likely laugh instead. As it goes. The ice cream withdrawal took some getting used to, especially given my parents brought in a large gallon pail of vanilla fudge swirl around the halfway mark. I got through it though, and managed to ingest more cold glasses of milk to compensate the lack of ice cream. So I’m honestly not any healthier for the matter, but since when have I ever been a healthy eater?

So what’s next on my list? I’ve already stated how I’ve been scraping the bottom of the barrel, but I find this issue of mine to be more a problem of creativity than a lack of options. At the very least I could redo one of the Lents I’ve taken on in the past, right? And that’s not to say I don’t have an idea I’m ever ready to try, though the implications of giving it a go…I don’t think I’m ready for the consequences. No, not as bad as giving up the Internet, which I actually minimally dealt with for over a year back in the day, and don’t think I’ve ever willingly do. Will take another broken computer or some form of imprisonment to do that, and both are likely options in the future. In that I accept such outcomes, and not because I deserve them. Honestly.

But hey! How about something that has once again taken root in my life, only…not really? I speak of instant messaging, which I was incredibly addicted to back in the day when I first discovered it. Instant communication with someone in another badly ventilated room away from society? Awesome! I recall being a fiend on the IM, constantly berating others with conversation just because I was bored. With Internet access. Imagine that! When I eventually stopped poking people, I realized no one really cared to speak with me to begin with, so I pretty much stopped using IM completely. There was the thought of it being my quick access to email without going through all the website prompts, but then I had to leave the program open, and I just didn’t see the point of having it run if I wasn’t going to use it.

Here comes the “not really” part of my return to instant messaging. Some time ago, I eventually rediscovered Trillian and marveled at how I could instantly access all my emails from a single platform. And the IM features? Sure they were used, but I hardly ever started a conversation. Most conversations were started in my direction, and I only initiated if I really needed to know something, and only kept conversations going if I was continually prompted. I’m not a very sociable fellow in that sense, but this is redundant chatter, so as it goes. Point is, I never really returned to instant messaging because I never pursued it. So giving this up isn’t really going to hurt me too much, given I can still be reached via electronic mail. Still, the conversations that are had with me over time tend to get exhausting and draw my focus away from other things. As such, I end up staying up later than normal, because I usually still need to get something done. Given my free time is once again limited due to a new work life, I’m down with this oh so much.

Because I’m giving instant messaging up and not Trillain, it’s likely I’ll be “Invisible” or still be on Facebook with the chat turned off. And seriously, what’s the harm of a decent digital exchange in lieu of LOL or other short blurbs of nonsense? Hell, the Facebook messaging system used have a difference between messages and IM, and now that they are one and the same, saying LOL is all it’s used for. Mind you, I find this FB change to be fascinating, because now I can look back on the chats I’ve had with people over the course of the years. However, that’s beside the point, because seriously! Facebook messaging has become nothing but a haven of quirk blurbs. It’s come to the point that any time I say something of worth people treat me like a nonconformist, and I can’t tell if that’s a good or bad thing. I’m a believer of using all 140 characters on Twitter as well, because if you don’t have something to say, don’t say anything at all. And that’s why you should follow my Twitter. Because I’m smart dammit.

Looking forward to keeping things simple, slow, methodical and have some substance to say to people. As electronic communication should be. Like regular mail? Don’t quite know if I’ll get the same in return. I’ll “be back” round July 1, 2012, or so, so enjoy your LOL in the chats where I’ll likely not bother you with my nonconformist ways. Or something.

Review: Vampire Hunter D

The banter and conversations you can have with workers is wonderful if you can find the right people. And while I’ve had a falling out with my last great employ, they were by far the best in terms of fun. Besides what the business required of me in terms of interacting with the community, I also got to interact with a good assortment of people. One of these was a fellow driver that eventually got smart and became an insider (exclusively making pizza, order taking, shop maintenance, etc.). Of the many things we would talk about which included comics, movies, and philosophy (we ran the gamut), anime also came round, along with appreciation of Vampire Hunter D.

As I mentioned in the past, Vampire Hunter D was quite possibly one of the first ventures I’ve had into cartoon violence and anime in general, so the conversations shared with the coworker obviously struck a chord with me. Especially when he said that the new film was better than the older one. Sure, there was the talk that Vampire Hunter D was originally a novel and more than just two anime movies, but here was a guy telling me a nostalgic film of mine wasn’t as good as the new one. For shame! So I bet the fella the other one was better, and we were going to watch each one back to back to be a proper judge on the matter. Continue reading

My Akoha History #16 – Personality Test?

I consider “What Color Are You?” to be more an advertisement than an actual mission of Akoha. Played on December 31, 2010 (Happy New Year?),  it’s akin to the thousands of personality tests found across the Internet. How this one came to be an official mission is what I believe to be an accident on the part of Akoha. Sometime in 2010, they opened up the door for users to submit ideas for missions rather than Akoha itself be creative for the sake of the users. I’m not quite sure what the process was to get a mission approved, but this was one of those missions, and it makes me wonder what their screening process was given this was blatant advertising. I joke you not, the mission required you to go to an offsite webpage and complete a survey, after which you would be asked to sign up to discover a little more about yourself. Very. Blatant.

Perhaps this was a way to help pay for a site for which I could see had no means to sustain itself financially, and this other website was giving a fee to Akoha to host the mission. Of course, that’s much worse than believing Akoha had a wretched screening process for their mission ideas, which in of itself is bad already. However it was, feel free to read what the personality test surmised from the answers I gave, and think on it with a grain of salt… Continue reading

ACen 2012 Adverts

Seeing as I have gone through another yet ACen, I have once again collected a lot of adverts/business cards/etc. which have been handed to me or I collected from the ground. Mostly the latter. Because I loathe money going to waste, I’m doing my part to share good things with the world. And this time I’ve taken the task of alphabetizing everything out instead of writing them out as I pull them. Mistake? And I will make sure I don’t do duplicates from last year’s haul as well. Yes, these are all brand new. Egads.

  • 8th Day Anime – A team of artists that do graphic novels, fan art, original art, commissions and a whole lot of other things artists do to make themselves sane and yet still pay the rent. I is jealous of anyone capable of this feat.
  • ActionBooth – A photo booth that sets up at events to shoot people in action poses. Cosplayers loved them this year, and were posing themselves silly.
  • Adam Anthony Aguas – A tattoo artist who paints as well. One of his paintings was up for bidding on the convention floor, and what was serious business on my mind, I must tell you.
  • Alexander Lome – deviantART page of the artist, though the card made sure to share his eBay yet marked out his phone number with a real marker (which failed, by the way). Continue reading

Cryptic ACen 2012 Meanings

ACen 2012 is passed, and I did it again. And like I thought I’ve been doing for a long time, I confused not only random people but a friend of mine I mentioned in the tweet. So here we are with a detailed explanation of each word. And yes, this is going to be my summary on ACen 2012. Anything more would be overboard, especially given the advertisement write-ups I had to do (to be shared soon enough).

Greens – Each year the IRT staff has to hire on new people to fill in the slots of those who aren’t there or didn’t return. We usually end up understaffed, or with not enough veterans to make things work. Simply put, this year’s hired on Greens were awesome. More so the two Greens I got to work with, who have been Congoers for a few years now and knew more about the con in regards to how it works rather than how the rules are to be enforced. That’s the one flaw I’ve had in regards to ACen (besides being horribly inept), and while I’ve been here since 2010, these Greens showed themselves to be more comfortable in all aspects of the work than I ever have. Kudos to them! Continue reading