ACen 2012 Adverts

Seeing as I have gone through another yet ACen, I have once again collected a lot of adverts/business cards/etc. which have been handed to me or I collected from the ground. Mostly the latter. Because I loathe money going to waste, I’m doing my part to share good things with the world. And this time I’ve taken the task of alphabetizing everything out instead of writing them out as I pull them. Mistake? And I will make sure I don’t do duplicates from last year’s haul as well. Yes, these are all brand new. Egads.

  • 8th Day Anime – A team of artists that do graphic novels, fan art, original art, commissions and a whole lot of other things artists do to make themselves sane and yet still pay the rent. I is jealous of anyone capable of this feat.
  • ActionBooth – A photo booth that sets up at events to shoot people in action poses. Cosplayers loved them this year, and were posing themselves silly.
  • Adam Anthony Aguas – A tattoo artist who paints as well. One of his paintings was up for bidding on the convention floor, and what was serious business on my mind, I must tell you.
  • Alexander Lome – deviantART page of the artist, though the card made sure to share his eBay yet marked out his phone number with a real marker (which failed, by the way).
  • Allie Laberge – deviantART portfolio of the artist.
  • Angelic Pretty – Japanese clothing line that focuses on lolita fashion. Note that there is enough pink and cuteness to kill you here, so be careful.
  • Anime Apocalypse – A Con.
  • Anime Fix – A store located in Florida. That’s…pretty far. Must be one heck of a store to make the distance.
  • Anime Midwest – A Con.
  • Anime Milwaukee – A Con. Which I’ve never been able to go to in all my years staying in Milwaukee. Bah.
  • Anime Punch – Hosts a collective of cons, though this advert was keen on making sure the Armageddicon was attended. Have to give them credit, they certainly made me smile.
  • Anime Weekend Atlanta – A Con.
  • AnimeChicago – Not an anime convention, but more a social network and news provider which hopes to enhance and grow the appreciation of anime (and everything connected).
  • April Jennifer Choi – Dancer, instructor and choreographer.
  • Arkieden – While the card directs to the artists deviantART page, “Arkieden” itself is another website found there. What is it? No idea.
  • Art Vox Studio – Portfolio of Kevin Yan, freelance illustrator…and photographer…with focus on baby photos. This certainly makes me smile, given the business card showcases Cloud looking all smooth, and then it takes me to a page with an adorable child looking at you. And I don’t mind that. It just goes to show Anime is appreciated by people of all kinds. Extra props for have credentials working for Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder.
  • Athena’s Wink – an Etsy shop which sells hats, so many hats. Hats with big ears, small ears, and no ears. So many hats! Gotta catch ’em all!
  • Black Streak Entertainment – Book publishing company that caters to the young adult crowd. As they clearly state, they are fairly fresh to the market, so get over there and help a brother out.
  • Bristol Renaissance Faire – Wisconsin is home to a lot of great things, and one of the many is the amazing Renaissance Faire in Bristol. I’ve only gone there once, and while I’m sure I could enjoy myself there normally, being around He Who Is An Ass was taxing, which was 75% of the total time spent there. The other 25% was with two other fellows at the Pub Crawl, which I recommend for laughs, games, and alcohol. I was more than a little tipsy when I begrudgingly returned to the brunt of the group. Protip: Get yourself a group of people you actually feel comfortable around should you wish to go to the Faire/Fair. Hopefully I get it right the next time I go.
  • BronyCon – Mmmm…ponies…wait *ahem* I meant to say, “A Con,” like every other Con advertised here. Such a silly mistake on my part. Yes, a mistake.
  • Broken Remnant Studios – A small entertainment company which is all over the map in what it provides. They don’t have much on display at this point, but I can assume they have things planned, given that “Film Productions” is one of their tabs, and I’m curious to see what they do.
  • ChibiSilverWings – A sculptor named Chelsea Capobianco, and dang! Get yourself over to her Esty store and buy some charms! Also, the bite mark upon the business card was a nice touch.
  • Club Flyers – Printing company that Broken Remnant Studios used to get their flyer.
  • Cosplay in America – A hardcover photography coffee table book about…cosplay in America? Yes, fairly straight forward, and I like that.  Cosplay hasn’t played a large part in my life, yet I can appreciate the costumes and fandom of pop culture at large. And should I ever finish reading the hundreds of books I have on my to read list (that’s only a portion, trust me), I’m sure I would appreciate this as well.
  • Creative Creature – Portfolio of Ricardo Perez who dabbles in a lot of advertising, design, and…yeah, I had enough trouble navigating the website to give anymore than that. Plenty more adverts to go and can’t get hung up on this one. Still, I’m a sucker for the dark material he’s made.
  • Cubecrazy2/Jake Rueth – Do I need to explain this? DO IT FAGGOT!!!
  • Dandy Things – This is…difficult to describe. It looks to be a shop one can visit, but also showcases artists and gives classes in the craft. Whatever word one would use to describe it (I’m at a loss for them right now), it should otherwise be known as awesome.
  • Deco Den by Seri – Judging by the state of the Twitter, Facebook, and Etsy, Seryna Cruz is just starting up her art business, so it’s really unknown what she’s capable of. I say say challenge her to see what she can do. Challenge always brings out the best of the artist (if they can handle it that is).
  • Diving Dragon Games – The makers of Geek Fight. That is all.
  • DJ Jeffito – SoundCloud of the DJ otherwise known as Jeff Sakurai. Other notable links within, so get your speakers and/or headphones ready.
  • Do Bats Eat Cats? – Gothic chainmaille earrings, necklaces, and bracelets…though I can’t verify that on the current website at the time of writing this. On the main website at least, so check out their Etsy and Facebook to see what their artist booth looked like.
  • Draconas Creations – They make corsets. I took the liberty to check them out, and they took the time fit me into a corset. I will one day buy a corset from them. Possibly pink, to compliment my pink dress. Yep. I do not recommend Draconas Creations. Paid money for a corset in ACen 2013, and it’s been almost 2 years with communication had with the company. I’ve yet to see the corset I paid for. Shame.
  • Dragonsong Forge – Weapon builders who have a system to allow you to create a custom katana. Sure, almost all of them cost over $1000, but that just means they’re quality…I think. But hey, swords!
  • Eagle Anime – An Anime store based in Minnesota that has been working the conventions for a long time. They sell a wide range of products, and like the color blue and pink. Mmmm.
  • Emerald Kingdom – An MMORPG that is in the works, and while these types of games are so plentiful, if it brings something new to the table and is enjoyable, dig.
  • Exotic Lenses – Because eyes are the windows to the soul, and damn it it good to look into pretty pink eyes (eye color, not the medical term). Mind you, they sell other items as well, though the flyer won me over just on their lens collection.
  • Flipside – I’ve actually read this web comic for years now, though this is the first time I’ve actually got a hand on a business card. An otherwise low sorcery fantasy world with a female bisexual jester as the lead (in other words, a good time). The creator also had his hand in D&D as could be seen by his side comic, though I don’t think it could be called balanced. I mean, PC Level 3 doing 216 damage? Long as they are having fun, it’s all good.
  • Foam Brain Games – Gaming store stationed in New York (the state), which has quite a lot of good games I’ve never played. Dungeons & Dragons is great and all, but it takes up so much that I never have time for other games. As it goes.
  • GameWorks – A chain of entertainment venues featuring video games, simulators, prizes, and a full service bar and restaurant. As of this moment, there are only five left in the country, and that’s a right shame. Arcade gaming and fine dining at one place?
  • GCG Studios – Portfolio website of Garth Graham.
  • Gen Con – Does the famous gaming convention need an explanation from me?
  • h.NAOTO – Fashion isn’t my thing, but ever to I enjoy good clothes upon good looking people. And so I approve.
  • HALOLZ – Blog which shares humorous video game related items, or at least that’s what the advert said. Looks, like it’s another pop culture collective, but aren’t they all these days?
  • – A musical…conglomerate?…which has been around since the 90’s bringing House music to your…house. I’m bad at writing descriptions it would seem.
  • The Hero Initiative – The first federally recognized not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping comic book creators, writers and artists in need. Me and my partner managed to speak with one of the fellows at the booth they set up, and I’m certain the guy was a big deal, yet the radio chatter and duty to the Con required me to not geek out. Too much. Support this, because I had the shame of telling the fellow I was already past my limit in terms of funds. And I failed to mention I spent said funds on a body pillow with Hatsune Miku printed on it. Such shame I have!
  • Iruma Rioka – A guest at ACen, Iruma is a musician I really know nothing about. But she’s apparently know round the world, so jump at her and listen not with your ears, but your heart. Cause that’s where the music lies?
  • Image Anime – An Anime store stationed in New York…that’s a hell of a long ways away just to sell some business to people in the Midwest. All the same, they have an impressive stock, and I’m sure visiting their store is like going to a con all on its own. Hey, it’s New York, right?
  • Ink and Bulletholes – Portfolio of Mike Luckas, a freelance comic artist and illustrator.
  • Jayne Danger – A plushie crafter with an interesting fixation on octopus (or Octo Plushies as she puts it).
  • Mony – deviantART profile. Artists dig deviantART.
  • KoziBot – deviantART of Julie Clark, who focuses on costuming, cosplay, and graphic design.
  • Level Up Studios – Video game and Internet pop culture apparel store.
  • MacX5 – deviantART of Macklin “MacX” Xu who focuses upon clay figures. It’s a medium a lot of people don’t work with anymore, and given that conventional effects usually look better than computerized ones, this guy is onto something.
  • Madqueens – Esty shop which is currently selling hats and flowers made of fabric.
  • Midnight Cosplay – The tumblr seems to be the hub for everything, while the Etsy sells goodies and the deviantART showcases items (mostly cosplay and plushies).
  • MissMcSpaz – A Nerdfighter whom I had the honor of working with throughout ACen 2012. \As a Green she shined well, and it’s a shame she had to be partnered with me given my faults. She hasn’t worked YouTube in awhile due to schooling, but there are plenty of vlogs to appreciate in the now.
  • MizuCon – A Con.
  • Mnemosyne Music – A collaborative musical effort between DJ SymBiotiX and DJ MesoPhunk. You need more music in your life, yes?
  • Mystic Revolution – Web comic taking place in an MMORPG. Without the .hack shenanigans. I think.
  • NatsuCon – A Con.
  • NEN/念 – Online art portfolio, though it’s currently under construction at this time. You can visit her deviantART to see what she does with her craft, and I would definitely recommend it. The sketches with minimal use of colors and watercolors in general catch my fancy, especially this painting in particular. Will need to check this out more when I get the chance.
  • NightOwls Media – While the advert focused just on the graphic novel “Lost,” the company itself is diverse with its publishing and promotion. Or is this just the company the comic decided to go with? As it goes.
  • Oh Goodie! – Web comic by a Chicago native. The lead plays in the band The Filthy F@#$ing Fairies…and that’s as much as I can gather at this time. Comics!
  • OMGcon – A con.
  • Obsession Is Magic – A blog dedicated to sharing news, happenings, and general fandom of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I can dig it.
  • Paradise Rose – Another Etsy shop, though I can’t quite tell you what’s within given that it appears to be down at the time of writing this. Though I’m sure it has something to do with flowers and the color pink, given the business card. In which case, get yourself a cuteness overload NOW!!!
  • Pawstar – For the Furry in you. May yet delve into what this store has to offer.
  • Print Pelican – A printing company which the artist Kuroloki Roku used to print out her business cards (more on her in a moment). I never took the time to research printing costs, so I honestly have no idea if these fellows are valid. Then again, if someone in Artist Alley used them, surely they have merit in cost and quality?
  • Purple Tree Studios – Portfolio of Tricia Bayfield, a vocalist, artist, author and cosplayer.
  • Radiant Grey – deviantART of Nick Minor (though he also has a Facebook).
  • Rainbow in the Dark – A comic. No, not a web comic, but a comic. I need to make that distinction here.
  • Reign of Thunder – An MMO Mecha game? In development? Bring it on!
  • RoKulié – Online portfolio of Kuroloki Roku, artist inspired by Japanese media (a sort of quote) and all around interesting person. I am under the impression that part is true, given she has a blog and thus plenty to say, and artists are interesting in general.
  • Rubber Punk Producktions – Card from Molly Katzfey, one half of the company/productions/whatever based in Milwaukee. Who knew so many awesome people came from the area? Yes, I realize how silly that sounds, because it is an awesome place, but dang is it hard to make it there.
  • SakuraDancer – Esty shop catering to fabric flowers to put in your hair.
  • Sanshee – Online store which caters to video game apparel.
  • Sarieu – deviantART of Sarah Madura, a freelance illustrator.
  • Shark Robot – Video game apparel store, though it seems they sell comics too? A store that’s willing to sell Flipside is a store to love, so…*shrug*
  • Shubiscuit – Portfolio of Shauna J. Grant, who loves the pink. And I’m loving the pink. So please love the pink with me. I don’t want to be alone.
  • Snafu Comics – Appears to be a collective of comics. Didn’t delve too long because I have far too many flyers/cards/etc. to go through. Though I can say they have a nice looking variety here.
  • Spirithoods – Hoods made with faux wolf fur to make you feel like a beast…nice.
  • Star Cross Studios – And I quote: Milwaukee based art studio comprised of freelance artists and writers, who work on projects mainly focused on comic books, but not limited to; paintings, animation, t-shirts, newspapers, video games, movies, toys and art shows. It’s in Wisconsin, so RESPECT!!!
  • Sweet Plushie Cake Creations – Plushies galore. Customized ones too if you seek them. Cuddles. Yay!
  • Synister Skyline – Official page of Crystal Sky Parker, who I actually had the honor of working with on IRT this year. As it is with a lot of the other items here, I can’t delve too much into what’s there without going insane (so many advertisements!), but I can say it’s worth an effort to help a brother out. Sister. Whatever.
  • Tasty Peach Studios – A web store which features clothes, jewelery, etc. inspired by Japanese peoples for awesome. Also, the color pink. There’s a lot of it, and it’s so cute you want to put it in your mouth. I recommend doing this immediately.
  • The Blonde Swan – Their tagline is makers of fine hats. That is all.
  • The Five Wits – Wigs, shirts, doll accessories, writings, comics…this deserves a look. That is all.
  • The Last Arcade – A weekly Chicago based podcast for all that is Geek, 80s, Pop-Culture, Gaming, Comics, Sci-fi, and awesome. That’s a quote from their Facebook, mind you, because the main website couldn’t tell me that. And with only one podcast (as of writing this), it just makes it all the more confusing. But hey, support I say, because arcades are disappearing and deserve some love.
  • The Uniques – Another comic that is not a web comic.
  • Tom Bosko’s Hair – This isn’t an artist or a shop. Someone created a business card to direct people to Facebook to like his hair, which has been growing for five year to it’s spikey goodness. Um…huzzah?
  • Toynk Toys – A shop which not only claims to have the largest selection of collectable toys in Chicago but also of the Internet. Not quite sure if that is true, but it certainly has quite a selection.
  • Vistaprint – Printing company that gives you business cards for free…or so says the advertising. As it goes.
  • Wannabe Heroes – Hip-hop musicians in the Chicago area.
  • Yaya Han – International costume designer, model and cosplay entertainer. Also sells costume items and prints. Cosplay for awesome!

That’s the lot. Far too many adverts taken in this year, but as it goes. Get your shopping and browsing on the awesome that you may have missed out at ACen 2012. I’ll one day have the cash to afford at the very least an item here and there, but for now please support in my stead.


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4 thoughts on “ACen 2012 Adverts

  1. samusfairchild December 2, 2012 at 8:23 pm Reply

    So, I found this, and I just wanted to say hi! I’m Samus from the Arkieden table at ACen, and I think it’s pretty neat that you do this 😀 That’s really all I wanted to say *wave*

    • JoeSomebody2 December 3, 2012 at 10:16 am Reply

      *wave* Glad to know I’ve given you a surprise in your day. I hope to be doing the same thing ACen 2013, though I’ve made a promise not to do repeats of adverts I find in previous years. I collect so many. 😛

  2. […] the convention space and hotel. I try and keep away from sharing duplicated adverts from previous years, so in other words get yon butts to those previous posts and giver yer business to them wonderful […]

  3. […] I once again felt the joy of having my middle being constantly compressed (a feeling first felt at Anime Central 2012). After that night of scrambling to make a costume and posing (yes, it was indeed thought up on the […]

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