My Akoha History #18 – As It Goes

“Personal Creeds” was played February 18, 2011, and quite simply asks for a simple line or saying that speaks on what your personal creed/code of living is. Okay, sure, the exact quote is, “Share what values and principles guide your life, and how they’ve helped you,” but that’s pretty much the same thing, right? In which case, that’s simple enough.

“As it goes.”

It is what it is, so accept it for what it is, and move on to the next thing. Do not distress. There is too much love in the world to dwell on what something isn’t. So just live on.

Far too simple I think, but again, as it goes. I’m not going to sweat it too much, because I have a lot more things to worry about than get bothered about the little things…see what I did there? This thought is not only similar to what I shared in a recent post, but pretty much a validation to how I’ve been living for awhile. Focus on what’s good and necessary, and all will be well. Sure I haven’t done much in terms of output, but at least I have the right mindset when I finally get things going.

…Well then, this is a pretty short Akoha History, isn’t it? How about I point you all in the direction of something that is good then? Here for your viewing pleasure is “Cock Cutters”…I have strange tastes, but given who I am, you already knew that.


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