My Akoha History #19 – An Old “Friend”

Played April 23, 2011, “Long Time No See” had me seek out someone I haven’t seen in a long while. Given that I don’t seek out people too often, there are far too many people this mission could have applied to. If anything, it deserved to be given to two friends on the other side of Wisconsin, who haven’t been seen and barely spoken to since 2008 (probably later now that I think on it). But it’s more a matter of being able to get it done than anything else, and driving that distance and maintaining the work flow I needed to live despite the fact it was never enough…well, I had to keep myself close to home.

So I got in touch with the only member of my first D&D group which kept in contact with me, and arranged a meeting for lunch. I even went so far as to have lunch be on me, even though such a thing would be dreadfully taxing on whatever I had left. After all, this was played around the same time I made it clear to my former employ I couldn’t be a delivery driver anymore, and this was under the realization bills were going to be thrown at me soon enough. All the same, I believe in the power of a good gathering, and good manners are always appreciated. How it went down…

Almost 2 years since being in person, and we manage to jump into an old conversation we used to have on Stephen King and his Dark Tower and 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons.

We both read plenty of Stephen King in our time, and the Dark Tower is of course the center of his whole universe (or the supposed center of all literature if you go by King’s logic). The series starting going to heck at about “Wizard and Glass”. The mystery behind Roland gone (a little), and an ending that will become the trademark for the rest of the series. At the end of the “Dark Tower”, I really doubt the path Roland took was the original road…though I think the ending could be considered very spot on.

In the past I couldn’t really say much of 4th Edition, but I’ve since played in a game via a friend of mind for a few months, and got a general idea of what the game is supposed to be: and entirely different game from 3rd Edition. Comparing the two will just leave to heartache. 4th is nice for what it does, by making classes balanced, giving PCs set roles, and very fewer choices to make with the effect of more stress free playing. Not my kind of game, but a good one all the same.

All rounded out with delicious sandwiches. And the fries, always the staple.

Sadly, it’s been over another year since I’ve seen the guy, and the communication outside of that haven’t been too good. If I recall, the last for certain time we spoke was right before I moved back to the area, and it was under the impression we would hang out again. Sadly, my incompetence had something else to say about it, and thus the silence and isolation ever prevails. Not to say I can’t give it another shot, but it’s certainly annoying to note the strands of connections I’ve left behind. I shall conquer you, Balance!


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