Heart String Marionette Released…Sorta

Do I have your attention? Good. From the man who brought the insane genius of We Are The Strange comes a movie five years in the making…Heart String Marionette.

Sort of. June 15th has been touted as the official release date for the film as a web download for the world to enjoy. But it would seem M dot Strange is facing technical issues, and while we are all free to throw all our money at him (please to be doing so), we won’t be getting the film right away. We will get the music used within the movie right away (hell yes), while a download will be made available within the next week (sent along to all those who already bought it).

However it goes, check out the trailer to see what we will possibly be getting in the next week or so. Would be a miracle to have it be today, given I promised to have it on hand for a gathering this Saturday. Will need to find myself another film to watch that night it would seem. Going to be hard to follow up seeing We Are The Strange and not have something new by the mastermind, given how well it went over with the folk last time. As it goes. Oh hey, did I mention getting on over to the website and buying a pre-order copy yet? DO IT FAGGOT!!!

UPDATE: The film is not only out out, but another trailer has risen. Check it out for the awesome.


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