My Akoha History #20 – A Fine D&D Gathering

“Board Gamer” played June 7, 2011 required me to “Play a board game with a friend or group of friends and post a picture of the game board at its most dramatic.” This one was simple enough, because I play Dungeons & Dragons like a boss. With permission of the fellow players, I brought out my cellphone and took a picture, which I then begrudgingly sent to my email, thus garnering some sort of charge as I do every time I send a text. And while most people today would find that very annoying, I have appreciation of the limitations this puts on me, because this prevents me from going nuts and possibly driving others nuts due to my texts being equivalent to full fledged novels. Okay, not really, though that’s what I’ve been told in the past.

But I digress! What’s really impressive about this dramatic moment is that it was completely made up on the spot. It wasn’t really planned out as much as I hoped, and I honestly forget if the reason they went to this locale was simply made up as well. I loathe improvising on the spot with D&D, because when you’re a DM, everything you say sticks like glue, and you will be beaten by a stick from the PCs should something contradict in the long run. Though in this circumstance, everything fell into place perfectly. More a matter of being lucky than anything of skill, because I’m average in all sense of the word, but there’s nothing wrong with noting how something went incredibly right for something I thoroughly enjoy.

It was time for my DMed bi-weekly Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 game, and the PC Party had teleported to the city. It was under attack, and soldiers were rushing in via the holes blasted in by Retrievers (Demonic spider-like constructs). The advance troops were quickly taken out, and the two Fighters stood their ground against the oncoming Retrievers.

However, more troops were coming in from behind them, and with the front-line Fighters taking on the Retrievers, the otherwise weaker Wizard, Sorcerer, Rogue and Cleric were at risk in the pincer attack. Fear set in quick, and the Fighter made quick work of the Retrievers, while the remaining party dispatched the soldiers as quickly as they could, even resorting to retreat for fear of death.

For a fight that was pretty much thrown together on the spot, I really liked this moment and the fear it caused in some of them. Wizards, Sorcerers and cohorts with smaller amounts of HP don’t last as long as the regular PCs. I was quite pleased with the mood and worry it caused, making the victory all the greater.

This event was over a year ago, and the adventure summary can also be read at the game’s wiki. And to this day the campaign remains unfinished. A shame, given the amount of work put into this and with no end in sight (in the eyes of the players at least). I had made a promise to myself in the past to finish this up by June or July 2012, but that is looking slimmer by the minute. Nothing that being creative can’t solve, but my delve into creativity ever leads to ADD like actions, so my focus will need to be more refined. Ever the goal that seems out of reach, but it’s a worthy cause if it means becoming king of my life. For the PCs!


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