My Akoha History #21 – Bicycle Love

Played July 2, 2011, “Bike To Work” had me…bike to work. Something I’ve never really done, safe the few times I’ve done so in one of the first few jobs I held. In my mind, it’s a luxury to be able to do this. Not only to be able to save on gas and get exercise, but to appreciate the thrill of the wind buffeting your face as you speed by the beautiful world around you. It’s quite a rush. Just the thing one needs in order to make the usually unwanted but necessary hours passable. Mind you that’s not really a mindset I have anymore, but it’s the bulk of the work force, so that’s the reason I say it. These days I’m usually too happy or busy to be bothered about how most of my time is in the hands of someone else.

However it goes, this mission was played a month after I had given up my delivery driving gig at Toppers, and took in the work of being an Insider or at the very least spreading the word of Toppers to the masses. In the end I only had one Insider shift, and pretty much worked two months on nothing but spreading advertisements around the area. Being on a bike not only made this task amazingly easy, but allowed me to see the city in ways I never had the chance to before. Unemployment can do that as well, but as it goes. What’s really interesting about all this is I had never actually used my bike up until this point, and…well, I’ll just let my past self explain.

I’ve been on a biking gig for the past few weeks. I used to drive almost all of the time, and biking was considered a hobby rather than a means to come and go. However, with no longer being in a profession which requires me to drive all day, I’ve gotten a lot more use out of my bike. Thank god, because cob webs were getting pretty dense in the corner of the apartment I stored it in.

Back when my car was in the shop, I had the chance to get a ride from someone and pick it up. Of course, I don’t know that for sure, and didn’t see the point in disrupting everyone’s lives just for my sake. So I did the smart/stupid thing and biked almost 20 miles to the dealership and drive back home. I hadn’t biked for close to a year, and I just jumped on the chance to take on the hardest bike ride I ever did.

Biking has become a staple in my life since then. Began biking in for what scheduled hours I have makes for a good exercise and social experience. Driving in your car all the time really detaches you from the rest of the world, and I’ve come to find the sights, sounds, and smells I’ve been missing for almost 3 years of living in the city.

Don’t know how long my biking trend will continue, but I hope it goes on for awhile. I enjoy the rush of air I get while pedaling, and if my pedaling can take me to and from locations with ease (including work), all the better.

Sadly, it did not go on for that much longer. About two weeks after I played this mission, I found a job for myself in Waukesha, though I would have been better off not taking it. I began to use my car more often, and more gas use returned as well. The income was too small to support me, and I had to make sacrifices and sell access possessions just to get by…though I wasn’t even doing that. I eventually threw in the towel and Got out of dodge, and not only found work a lot faster where I am now than I did in the Milwaukee area, but it’s also close enough for me to bike to. Now I just need to build up enough stamina/energy/etc. to make sure I can handling biking and work yet not pass out from exhaustion. I suppose I could just jump right in and do it, like I did with that 20 mile bike ride?

And speaking of Waukesha, that was where I biked 20 miles to just to pick up my car for repairs. And to do it after not biking so long? It was a large slice of hell, but was it ever an exciting and learning experience. Most people these days scoff at tasks such as this, usually because it’s too hard. Me? A combination of needing to get it done, boredom, and the need for a challenge. I knew it wasn’t impossible, but just really painful and time consuming. It certainly gave me the spark to go biking more often, and those moments I had biking round the city were fine indeed. Now I just have to get back on the wagon and make use of this Summer like I did that one.

…Oh gods, a year. It’s already been one year since those times I made myself go hungry just to pay for things. A year since those times I would sit in my room feeling like an idiot. How little I’ve come, and yet so far. The passage of time is a strange thing if you don’t pay attention. As it goes.


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