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My Akoha History #24 – About Evan Emory

Free Crime. That was the title of the last mission played on July 14, 2011, before Akoha was shut down for good. It’s a fitting mission, given that it’s actually a good question (if taken seriously). What crime would you do if there were no repercussions to be had against you? It’s a show of your character if you can actually manage to dwell on it, and how far you would go against society if you would get away scot-free. Or you could have been the majority of what was left of Akoha at the time and make silly comments. I like to actually dissect things when I can, which can be quite the negative if put in the wrong situation.

In regards to this mission, there aren’t too many things I would do illegally, given that I find illegal actions to be illegal for good reason (or at least most of them). To go against society usually shows something is wrong with you, and you deserve to be in prison to keep the lot of us safe. Usually. The rest of the time I’m offended at what people can get sent to jail for, and what people are doing with the Law to enforce actions which set us back rather than move us forward. Such is the case with Evan Emory. Continue reading

My Akoha History #23 – About Shinya Tsukamoto

“What Are You Watching Right Now?” played July 9, 2011. Do you need to be told what this mission was about? For me this would imply movie, but I’m sure it could have been turned into anything. But since when have I ever bothered to watch anything other than something on the television? Though I must say if I was going to see something other than a monitor, it would be Steam Powered Giraffe on a stage. Those automatons had my heart ever since I heard Honeybee weeks ago.

Back to the mission! On that day, I was fascinated with a short film made by Shinya Tsukamoto, a Japanese director/actor who caught my attention sometime after high school. The majority of topics deal with extremes of emotion, and how they can change people in incredibly nasty ways. Given that a lot of what I would normally say at this point has already been said by my past self I’ll just let him speak… Continue reading

Talking D&D: Campaign Visions vs. Reality

This is not really a blog about Dungeons & Dragons, even though it works as such, but more an inspired narrative from a “homework assignment” given by the blog In Over Your Head. It was a general call out to have others write 750 words about the vision of a hopeful great piece of work, completed or otherwise. I’m one that ever continues to work for dream goals of production, and again and again I always seem to drop the ball in getting things accomplished. Even so, I always seem to get them finished along in some fashion, if just to get the obsession out of my life so I can move onto the next big thing I never got around to yet.

But there was a time where I just let something slide to the point where it doesn’t even matter if I finish it or not. Sure, I gave talk in the past about going back to it, but I feel drained enough about what I’m doing in the present, so why would I go back to a project not only unfinished and uncared for, but connected with some of the worst memories I’ve had? It’s been so long since I’ve thought about it all, so the recollection might not be accurate, because who wants to remember wretched events exactly as they were? Sure, it’s what I tend to do anyway, but surprisingly some things are still fuzzy. Continue reading

My Akoha History #22 – About PANDAstar

“Music, please!” was played July 2, 2011, which I believe had me share something new in terms of music, or at the very least what I was listening to at the time. However it goes, you know? As just one of my music playlists on YouTube show, I listen to a wide array of music. I pride myself on having eclectic tastes, though I have to say I find a large attraction to electronic/synth more than anything else. I think it has to do with me growing up playing video games and the like, because I always feel right at home with such sounds. So much so I needed to find an 8-Bit version of Epic Sax Guy after listening to him for several minutes..which does exist. Thankfully great ideas aren’t mine alone. Heck, I’ve posed questions such as Ryu from Street Fighter vs. Jin from Tekken before they were even considering a game for that concept.

Enough derailment! Especially considering I’ve already spoken on my musical tastes enough that it’s becoming redundant. *ahem* My selection for this mission feels a little forced to me, because while I can believe I was indeed listening to it at the time, I think it was more an advertisement to help a musician I had the honor of getting to know. Nothing wrong with that, but just doing my part on being honest with myself on how things went down. The musician goes by the name PANDAstar, and like my talk on music I’ve spoken enough about her to be sickening rather than redundant. Certainly not going to stop me though. Onward to what I said! Continue reading

40 Days & 40 Nights: Convenience Store Food

Just turned back on the instant messaging stuffus, given I’m officially finished with my last 40. While cut off from those functions, it didn’t feel a whole lot different than when I normally worked it, given I never used it to begin with. More so, my record of messages sent in my direction didn’t really change either. As such, I really have to wonder on the point of IM in my current lifestyle, given how little it’s disappearance really challenged me. Least the lesson is learned, and I can say for certain who I am in that regard at this time.

In other news, we did it. One whole year of 40 Days & Nights down. Can’t say it’s been the best year of growth, but I’m certainly in a much better place than I was. Not because of the challenges, mind you, because that’s awesome in of itself, but living a poor man’s life in a city that had no place for me. Now I’m back with family, which is something I have no shame about sharing, because I’m getting back on what legs I have and building capital, projects, and relationships in an environment which allows me to not go crazy. At least on those days when I’m not a depressed fool, as it have been some days ago for a two week period. Point is, I’m better from that now, and I’m better now, and I’m ready to punch some babies. Continue reading