40 Days & 40 Nights: Convenience Store Food

Just turned back on the instant messaging stuffus, given I’m officially finished with my last 40. While cut off from those functions, it didn’t feel a whole lot different than when I normally worked it, given I never used it to begin with. More so, my record of messages sent in my direction didn’t really change either. As such, I really have to wonder on the point of IM in my current lifestyle, given how little it’s disappearance really challenged me. Least the lesson is learned, and I can say for certain who I am in that regard at this time.

In other news, we did it. One whole year of 40 Days & Nights down. Can’t say it’s been the best year of growth, but I’m certainly in a much better place than I was. Not because of the challenges, mind you, because that’s awesome in of itself, but living a poor man’s life in a city that had no place for me. Now I’m back with family, which is something I have no shame about sharing, because I’m getting back on what legs I have and building capital, projects, and relationships in an environment which allows me to not go crazy. At least on those days when I’m not a depressed fool, as it have been some days ago for a two week period. Point is, I’m better from that now, and I’m better now, and I’m ready to punch some babies.

As such, let us dive into something I actually dread sacrificing, because it’s a comfort I’ve gotten used to from my time as a delivery driver at Toppers. Story-time! *ahem* I never had time to eat or drink as I needed to while working at Toppers, because I never gave myself a break in the midst of all that driving and running within the store. The best I could do was be smart and pack something whilst I was semi-awake before heading into work, or if that failed…stop into a gas station to buy a little something something when I needed to refuel (which was likely almost every day…fueling that is). Back in the day, I never had much love for convenience stores, finding they were overpriced items I could otherwise get in bulk and cheaper at a store. But during those long hours of driving and the amount of time it took to get something from the store vs. buying overpriced snacks while refueling? It just became habit.

And it didn’t help that there were some damn amazing convenience stores where I was working, given they were trying to supply the college kids as well. A store eventually opened up which not only sold quick ready to eat sammiches, but candied nuts, milk shake dispensers, and all manner of pastries. Sure, overpriced as all hell, but when you’re just trying to get something and go, you didn’t really care about the long run, because you’re getting “convenience” and not necessarily a smart budget. I eventually got a much more open mind when I realized how much I could be saving if I kept to meals made at home, but in the insanity of living where I was, I’m not a rock, nor will I ever be (much as I want). So I kept having something to nibble on here and there, and this habit has followed me out of the job as well.

And I’m putting my foot down, because I need to think better for myself. Besides it being a monetary issue, it’s a matter of health as well. I’ve actually at one of the healthiest points of my life right now due to the work I’m doing and the exercise I manage to remember, and it’s only going to get better…if I cut the sweets and other fatty delicious foods that convenience stores have to offer. Should I need something to snack on through the day, I WILL pack it before heading out, and I will refrain from driving somewhere after work because it’s just too damn hard to put something on a piece of bread or cook up ramen. If I’m to drive somewhere, it will be to a grocery store and return home to make something for myself. Lest they have something at the store that constitutes a meal. Or a few meals, once you consider The B.O.S.S. in all its glory.

I think the most treasured item I’m going to miss through this time is Road Ranger pizza, which I’ve gotten into the habit of getting every time I visited my now ex-girlfriend. And because I’m not making the drive to her anymore, I’ve been on the lookout for other locations which sell it, and from all those I’ve found thus far, it’s been explained to me it’s reserved for their bigger stores. It doesn’t help that Road Ranger is a rare store in Wisconsin as well (round me at least), so I’ve been hungry for it a long time. In an attempt to have one last shot at the pizza before I began this 40, I stopped by another lucky find of a Road Ranger, only to be disappointed once more. I still managed to get a little something for myself, and while those chocolate peanuts and taurine/caffeine infused slushie were good, it just wasn’t the same. May I ignore my desire to find a proper Road Ranger till August 12, 2012.

The one exception to this challenge I’m giving myself is on buying items for friends, because I’ll be damned if I’m at an amazing convenience store and not buy someone a delicious Tornado (or Road Ranger pizza if the Gods find me worthy). I’ll keep away from it myself, but damn will I be tempted to put those spicy, cheesy and sometimes meaty treats in my mouth. At the very least, I could go to a store and buy something similar and cook it, which is the point of this challenge in the long run, but I’ll will not have anyone I’m associated with miss out on something amazing. If I can afford it that is. I can these days, but you never really know how it will go with what you cannot control. Least I can control what goes in my mouth, unless you factor in rape. Then I’m just screwed.


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