My Akoha History #22 – About PANDAstar

“Music, please!” was played July 2, 2011, which I believe had me share something new in terms of music, or at the very least what I was listening to at the time. However it goes, you know? As just one of my music playlists on YouTube show, I listen to a wide array of music. I pride myself on having eclectic tastes, though I have to say I find a large attraction to electronic/synth more than anything else. I think it has to do with me growing up playing video games and the like, because I always feel right at home with such sounds. So much so I needed to find an 8-Bit version of Epic Sax Guy after listening to him for several minutes..which does exist. Thankfully great ideas aren’t mine alone. Heck, I’ve posed questions such as Ryu from Street Fighter vs. Jin from Tekken before they were even considering a game for that concept.

Enough derailment! Especially considering I’ve already spoken on my musical tastes enough that it’s becoming redundant. *ahem* My selection for this mission feels a little forced to me, because while I can believe I was indeed listening to it at the time, I think it was more an advertisement to help a musician I had the honor of getting to know. Nothing wrong with that, but just doing my part on being honest with myself on how things went down. The musician goes by the name PANDAstar, and like my talk on music I’ve spoken enough about her to be sickening rather than redundant. Certainly not going to stop me though. Onward to what I said!

PANDAstar, a Chiptune artist, is working on another hit called NYX…

I’ve come to expect a lot of chipper and happy material from PANDA, but this tune is SO dark. Not that it’s a bad thing, because that’s good. Nothing spurs the evolution of music further along than trying something new, and this does it once it kicks in. Winning.

Just to note, if you’re interested in more PANDAstar (you should be), her latest album spaceDRIFT is available for free download (or by Name Your Price). I paid for my download in cash after the fact, and while I shouldn’t tell you what to do with your money, I’ll say this: you’re investing in an artist’s future. That’s money well spent in my eyes. 😉

At some point after this, I also made a promo for the album release, which went over really well with a lot of people. What’s not to like about a guy ripping his shirt off in excitement over wonderful music and jumping into space? More recently, I even went ahead and made a sequel for a show she put on some weeks ago. Also went over well, and I’m already thinking on another promotional video should it be needed in the future. I abuse myself for the glory of others, you know?

Other than that, I’ve had the honor to get to know PANDAstar away from the music, and she’s a hoot. She has her troubles as all musicians tend to have now and then, and given I’ve gotten used to not involving myself in the lives of others too much, I find it difficult to do anything in regards to assistance I feel doesn’t invade her privacy in some fashion. Working the videos I have made for her feels is a bit of a stretch for me, and I still don’t feel it’s enough in the long run, you know? And don’t get my started on the other people supposedly in my life I’ve neglected already, because I’ll just bash myself with a hammer before I go on. That’s a better option than the abuse I would normally give myself if I followed those thoughts.

But I suppose it’s more about getting my own act together than making promises to the lot of the world. To serve those around me would be a grand thing indeed, but ever do I keep stumbling because of my own issues. Once I’m stable and past my issues on involving myself in the personal lives of others, I’ll work some magic. Not a promise, but a hope of good times to come. Till then, will be listening to what music can come from PANDAstar…and you should too! Though it’s understood if it’s not your thing. Not everyone can appreciate all the little things which make this universe awesome (to me at least).


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