My Akoha History #24 – About Evan Emory

Free Crime. That was the title of the last mission played on July 14, 2011, before Akoha was shut down for good. It’s a fitting mission, given that it’s actually a good question (if taken seriously). What crime would you do if there were no repercussions to be had against you? It’s a show of your character if you can actually manage to dwell on it, and how far you would go against society if you would get away scot-free. Or you could have been the majority of what was left of Akoha at the time and make silly comments. I like to actually dissect things when I can, which can be quite the negative if put in the wrong situation.

In regards to this mission, there aren’t too many things I would do illegally, given that I find illegal actions to be illegal for good reason (or at least most of them). To go against society usually shows something is wrong with you, and you deserve to be in prison to keep the lot of us safe. Usually. The rest of the time I’m offended at what people can get sent to jail for, and what people are doing with the Law to enforce actions which set us back rather than move us forward. Such is the case with Evan Emory.

If given the chance to work a crime without any repercussion, I would film an audience of children surrounding me as I sing a song, and then later on film myself singing a different song with no children present. The song would be sexually explicit in nature, talking about certain actions I would take to the listener, and it would be edited in such a way it looked like I was singing THAT song to the children. Of course, I would put a notice in front of all that footage to note I didn’t actually sing such a song in front of the children, and it’s simply a comedic video.

I would do this, because Evan Emory was actually arrested for such a thing, and was charged AND sentenced for manufacturing and distributing child pornography. Child pornography. Let that sink in for a moment…good. Yes, he was going to be tried by a judge over this, and due to the fact the odds and risks weren’t in Evan’s favor, he took the plea deal which got him 60 days and other rubbish, such as being unable to come within 500 feet of any venue where children under the age of 17 gather. Doing so would put him back in jail.

Sure, if he challenged and lost against the original charge he would have to register as a sex offender for 25 years so I suppose he got the better end of the ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?! There should have been NO SUCH CHARGE to begin with, and it should have been thrown out of court. If anything, it should have been a lawsuit focused on the breach of trust between him and the school, and lack of permission on the part of the children. But other than that…why?

Because of the outcome of the case, sharing of the video or playing the song live is considered a crime, because they are considered pornographic contraband by the court. What’s worse about all this is the fact there are COUNTLESS displays of “child pornography” like this in the widespread media, and all Evan was trying to do was put in his own two cents. Why is Evan being punished for actions that are widely accepted across the world?

The disgust I feel for Raymond Kostrzewa, Judge William Marietti and Tony Tague is staggering, and the fact they felt this was proper proportionality to the crime makes me feel something is wrong with the system of law we hold…okay, I knew something was wrong with it already, but REALLY!?! This far? I would circulate the Evan Emory video if I had it, but seeing as I don’t, I would do the next best thing and make my own. This is what I would do to laugh in the face of “the law” in Muskegon. That is what I would do if I could get away with a crime, which isn’t so much as a crime but apparently normal behavior in society. How about that?

It’s been awhile since I’ve thought on this, so I’m uncertain if the facts are right, but I’m sure that’s nothing a Google search from me or you can’t fix. On a more present note, I don’t know what the heck is up with Evan these days. He had a radio appearance some time ago, and his YouTube channel is still present, but other than that…not much. His name is likely going to be in Google forever, and he’ll be living this down for the remainder of his life…and I keep asking why? I’ve seen worse displays of children being used on public television, Tosh.0 being the worst. And I don’t mind it, as is the case for millions of viewers.

I feel there was a crime or at least a breach of trust here, but the reaction felt incredibly unjustified. This wasn’t a case of abuse on the part of Evan Emory, but more a clash of culture, with adults not understanding the concept of a joke. A joke which used their children in some manner, but in the end was a joke that didn’t really harm anyone. Especially the children, who in reality listened to Evan sing songs about ducks (or whatever kids listen to). Oversight on a more national level was needed in this case, because the Law was used to bully someone into accepting a plea for a crime that never happened. It’s quite a shame the video is considered contraband, because from what I did see it looked like a very well put together video. Could have been quite the viral success, and certainly much better than a lot of the gibberish that gets notice.

So that’s the last of the missions I’ve played on Akoha. Again, not bad for my last mission. Akoha could have been a grand thing, but other social media took hold a little better with the world. Not that it’s a bad thing, but that’s just how the world works. It doesn’t make much sense or is fair, but we can at least learn from where we have been. And given this is the last Akoha History post, there may be a lack of new posts now, given I’ve been relying on these for awhile (since September 30, 2011). Will either need to be insightful once more, or follow through on a lot of old Akoha missions I never really finished. I suppose that series could be called Akoha Backlog? Something to think on, that’s for certain. Would be a blessing, given I’ve been dwelling on the past for far too long. New experiences are ever good for the soul.


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