40 Days & 40 Nights: Chocolate #2

My ventures without porn weren’t as exciting this time around. I knew what to expect and how to cope due to my previous attempt, but a refresher is always nice. I still failed, mind you, but changes in lifestyle make for uncomfortable living, and if you’re always comfortable you’ll never really change. So be the change today, you hear? Whatever. And given I didn’t give much thought as to what I can do for my next 40, how about I do another cop out and attempt life without chocolate again? This time I might actually succeed in keeping it out of my life for the full 40. No, not going to leave the blog post like this, because that would be boring and a waste of your time. How about my last 48 hours of a chocolate filled life? No really, it’s a good story. I hope.

Two nights ago after work I noticed I needed gas for my car, and thought it would be the perfect excuse to get some junk food from the local Kwik Trip. Along with the gas I bought a pork rib sandwich, cheese filled bread sticks, chocolate covered peanuts and milk to wash it all down. A dinner of fat champions it was. Ate it all whilst exploring the city at night, which is pretty much the only time I can do as such these days. Police be damned, I’m going to legally enjoy my right to wander the public streets in my car, snacking away.

During the drive, I accidentally dropped some chocolate peanuts, and while I thought I picked them all up, I was in for a surprise the next night. It would seem a single chocolate peanut had slipped under my lap while driving, and it sat on the car seat through the morning, melting into position, before I drove to work in the afternoon. I didn’t notice it till I was about to get in my car after the grind, noting the single peanut without chocolate upon it away from the giant blot I had sat on earlier. And let me tell you, it was fairly obvious something was wrong with my pants that day, and I’m surprised no one said anything through the shift. Then again, I have a feeling everyone thinks everyone else there but themselves are idiots, so of course I would have “shit” on the back of my pants. Wouldn’t have minded if they pointed, cause the only thing I would feel bad about was the wasted chocolate. Especially now.

Then I was at work this night, wondering about what I was going to do for the next 40, and thought how great it would be to have a ZERO from the local WalMart. It’s the only store in the area that sells it, so I’m willing to bite the bullet and shop there for the sake of goodness. This got me to thinking it would be a nice way to send off on chocolate for awhile if I chose it again, and died a little on the inside when I made the decision to follow through on the intention. The 40, that is, not the ZERO, for I got lazy and just wanted to stay home for the rest of the night. No chocolate in the house save chocolate milk, and I made sure to have two glasses before Midnight. Already feeling a bit of withdrawal, but I’ll manage.

Looking forward to having a ZERO covered in Nutella and pecans when I’m finally allowed on November 8, 2012. There are other treats to suffice in the meantime, but as I noted in the past, chocolate is so much an afterthought in our diet these days. In the First World that is. Oh yes, learn to be humble in a world where people still wonder if they’re even able to get bread. More than once a week. It’s thoughts like this that keep back the hunger.


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2 thoughts on “40 Days & 40 Nights: Chocolate #2

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