ID Cards ≠ Mark of the Beast

Texas is a bizarre place. Too many times I hear of zany yet true stories coming from that state. Most of the time I get them from a Dungeons & Dragons friend, who enjoys sharing the wonder that is Texas and the folk who live there. You can get a good summary of its problems over at Encyclopedia Dramatica, though you should be very afraid of clicking that link. It is an abyss you will fall into and never return if you look too long. And no disrespect to the intelligent folk who do happen to live there either, but it needs to be noted that some strange things happen in Texas. Foolishness is all over, yes, but Texas is my focus since something I read tonight.

My work gives two 15 minute breaks over the course of the evening, and I sometimes pick up the paper to read what’s happening in the world. The majority of the articles are rather boring, if only because I’ve become quite jaded to the plight of the world when I’m too concerned with me and those I’m connected with. So I tend to deviate to the quirky stories, which push buttons that effect me on matters of principle and logic, and did I ever find a convoluted article this night (that’s not the specific one, but close enough). Turns out a student is refusing to wear a student identification badge because it would mean accepting the Mark of the Beast. Lawyers have been brought in. Laws are going to possibly be written. Consequences were never the same.

I feel the need to make a disclaimer and say I usually keep out of the Twitter/blogosphere when current events are unfolding, and wait for the fires to die out till I can give a proper analysis of what exactly happened. This is the case with that supposed Muhammad movie trailer, though there are other more extreme reasons why I’ve held off thus far (to be revealed hopefully soon). But this student? No. Oh no. This is just too wretchedly stupid not to point at. Not to laugh, but to cry. This child has to be Trolling, because the reality pretty much means she refuses to be a part of society. No driver’s license, social security number, or any means to integrate her. Bless her if that’s really the way she wishes to live, but seeing as I’m quite certain she does or will have all that…what’s her deal? Though if she does follow through with her religious ridiculousness, I’m glad to know I will never see this child at any sort of convention, because they ALL require some sort of identification to allow entry into registered convention attendee locales. Not that I think she would want to go, because her upbringing has likely molded her into something which can’t possibly appreciate pop culture or culture at all.

The not so obviously stupid portion of this news bite is the path the school took to get more funding, and how they even get funding at all. The process of lamenting just simple IDs is expensive enough, but the technology is catching up so we can eventually have such handy identification tools in all schools across the country. And Texas, a state which has had its governor pray to God for help with the economy, is spending more money on new technology that is likely years ahead of the need of implementation and their dismal budget. It’s a trend, I suppose. People want new gizmos like 3D printers and electronic blackboards, forgetting we have enough money troubles for regular printers or blackboards. Or even paying teachers. At all.

And perhaps I don’t have a grasp of how schools get their funding, but that’s rather normal for me and my expanding knowledge of how messed up our government is. Simply put, I don’t think the amount of government money a school gets should be dependent upon attendance (appearing in class at correct time). Students that are late or don’t show to a class is a factor schools cannot control, and therefore should not be accountable for. What should be a factor is how well and how many students pass, which a teacher worth their salt can accomplish even when the student is not present for all the classes. Not No Child Left Behind bull where in numbers are fudged just so you meet goals, but legitimately pass students onto the next level of education. Also, to use such expensive technology to keep track of students when teachers can just do a head count?

This situation never needed to happen. It escalated to a point which makes the juice from the squeeze sour, and people are just going to get hurt. Many are trying to make this an issue about the tracking device of the badges, though it’s honestly a non-issue (though I take issue with it for other reasons). The student was already given the option of having a badge without a tracking chip, which is what you think this issue would be about, but no, it’s too much to ask a student to understand that sometimes the identification system of a school is bound to change. Cry, whine, make a scene by saying your freedom is being smothered. I’d recommend home schooling, because then not only would you be free to do what you will, but you won’t clutter the already botched school system with your tantrums.

The waste, the foolishness, and the absurdity as it continues to unfold sickens me. I am ever committed to keeping my focus upon my own work and the lives around me, but sometimes there are things in this world that offend me to the core of my being, that I just need to vent and hope someone out there understands the wrongness of it all like I do. Or maybe I’m just a dick like that other voice has been telling me for quite some time. The smothering of positive thinking only goes so far, and the negative rears its head when I find reason to throw negative back at the world. Another reason why I try and refrain from doing posts like this. Not really because of the negative towards myself, because that’s my burden, but to the world. There are good people within it, and they deserve better than the bile that tends to accumulate in my throat.


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3 thoughts on “ID Cards ≠ Mark of the Beast

  1. Dome Woo December 3, 2012 at 7:07 am Reply

    I am one of those crazy liberal socialist Europeans. The ones that aren’t supposed to understand American issues of such complexity, because we are only jealous of everything you have and wish to live in the States. Because of our openness, we tend to copulate with everything that moves – wait, what? – according to the gospel of FOX News.

    What heck is wrong over there across the pond? I know, the list would be a never-ending story and this girl you wrote about, just adds to that. To be fair & honest we Europeans, and in my case Germans, have our own fair share of “troubles” but the U.S.A. is causing most of their own, like an adolescent reaching puberty.

    I understand why you feel the need to concentrate onto your life, instead of what is going on somewhere else, because the sheer amount of data & information has become rather difficult to process nowadays.

    I know Americans grow up with the belief that their counrty is the best in the world – which couldn’t be further from the truth – and a lot of them take that as a given fact until they take their final bow, which is also the reason why so many hate mongers – I stare at you Fox News, Donald Trump & Fundamentalists – misuse their freedom of speech for their agendas.

    Stories like these just show me how idiotic the world can be and people tell me I am crazy – yeah, makes perfect sense!


    • JoeSomebody2 December 3, 2012 at 10:51 am Reply

      That we could afford to have larger word views. Too many folk are working their own lives to worry about the lives of others, while those in a position to actually do something never seem to know what they are doing (or do, but don’t care). It doesn’t give much hope for the future, but at least we know the young will eventually replace the old. Hopefully not the young one I spoke of, but more of those who adhere to what she can’t possibly stand. I know, be the change and not someone else, but still have steps to take of my own. Grrr.

  2. Dome Woo December 3, 2012 at 11:18 am Reply

    There is still hope young padawan!

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