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2012 In Review

The WordPress Helper Monkeys did it again Click here to see the complete report for your reading pleasure. Give it a look to see how my writing fared with the lot of the world. Continue reading

40 Days & 40 Nights: Negativity

Dropping entertainment consumption was doomed to fail, but that was already known. I did however have the most productive time in my life for a long while (despite depression), and even though I’m now free to consume as much as I want…I think I’m going to hold onto this. To a point. Channel Awesome likely lost a highly avid watcher in me, but I’ll keep up when I can. Those I’m subscribed to on YouTube will need to be caught up on, given I let my Watch List fill back up again. And if I intend to have a proper relationship with other users on YouTube, I need to be present, so…will need to get on that. After making sure I’m good and golden first, as always. Can’t help the world if I’m a mess.

To note, I actually forgot to add one thing to the Focus List for my last Lent, though I made sure to keep away from them all the same. That would be webcomics, of which I had a huge addiction to with their daily updates. Because I did hold off on appreciating my daily fix, however, I will now be able to enjoy them like a regular comic book. Depending on how well that turns out, I may start reading webcomics like this from here on out. While I do look forward to catching up on all of them, most notable of the lot is Goblins (for which I made two awesome commercials). It was in the final phase of finishing up another chapter when I started my Lent, and the direction it was going spooked me. Ever ready to see what went down. Continue reading

Winter Depression 2012/2013

As a means to expand upon the funk I’ve shared in the above video, let’s explore the idea that I may have Seasonal affective disorder. My recent slump into the blues got me wondering if I may be suffering from it. I could just chalk it all up to me making a fool of myself last weekend and the inability to produce just made things worse, but let’s just humor this line of thought for now, shall we? Continue reading

Talking D&D: Dungeon Master Screens (and a new series)

No, not a post about reviewing Dungeon Master Screens. I already did that in a a video for my Talking D&D series

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