Talking D&D: Dungeon Master Screens (and a new series)

No, not a post about reviewing Dungeon Master Screens. I already did that in a a video for my Talking D&D series

Also, my Talking D&D series? Yes, a new series where in I talk about Dungeons & Dragons instead of writing about it. It’s apparently a popular enough idea to get a following on YouTube and elsewhere, so I thought I would throw in my two cents. One would say I shouldn’t bother, because my experiences are not as diverse as those around me, and who have likely played such games (more than D&D as well) since children. They are still my experiences, however, and no one can share them but me. So expect those along with “regularly written material” as well. Will get around to it, just like that promise I made to We Xogo awhile back. Huh.


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