2012 In Review

The WordPress Helper Monkeys did it again Click here to see the complete report for your reading pleasure. Give it a look to see how my writing fared with the lot of the world.

Other than that, 2012 was amazing. Forcing the optimism a bit, but it honestly has been. I’m still where I was last year in terms of a home, but I’ve not only gotten a better handle on my video production, but made new relationships with charismatic and talented folk via Project Famous and elsewhere. Shame that the video production and general social awkwardness keeps me away, but that’s manageable. Eventually. Just happy to be alive, and hopeful the world will be as accepting and wanting of me as I’ll need it to be when things start coming together. Stuff going to go down this year. Oh yes.

For now, just going to read me some It’s Not My Fault I’m Not Popular and not only remind myself of the bad times, but that some people have it worse off than me. And they deserve to be hugged. Even though they are likely sexual deviants, they deserve hugs. Anyway, it’s kinda hot. But the hugs are totally platonic. Got enough issues in my life and don’t need to be expressing my repressed emotional maelstrom onto others. Just want them to know I know that feel.

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One thought on “2012 In Review

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