The Law, Society, Bullying, Karma, and Why I’m not a Dick

Due to a recent obligation, I have committed myself to stay the optimist, despite the fact I am in a complete depression and loath myself completely. Still, there are moments when I realize I can say things in a different matter that it doesn’t have to convey the anger I tend to get at myself, the world, and especially myself. One such occasion was when I was writing a point about bullying, and it not only didn’t it fit with the topic of the post, but the mood was a little twisted. I think. It’s hard to think on the how and why when in such a state, you know? Regardless, I took those words out of the post they were written in, and the writing was much better because of it. As a means to not feel as if I wasted my time writing those previous words, however, I would like to salvage them and give more perspective.

On bullying of all things. It’s become quite the dirty word as of late, what with Amanda Todd’s suicide and all. I honestly feel dirty just talking about it, also because I don’t want to become another one of those people who talk about bullying just because it’s trendy. Fills me with sickness. However, I’ve always found it difficult to distinguish the line between bullying and justice in certain situations. To quickly get to the point, I say people like Rush Limbaugh deserve to be bullied, and he was back in the 1990’s before getting his fame. To note I actually didn’t watch that full clip till now, but forced myself to for the sake of writing this. I loathe such situations even if they are geared toward a vile human being who deserves it. To bully is to prey on those who are weak, and while The Weak are sometimes those who are wretched, sometimes it’s best to just step back.

That’s the thing with me: I tend to empathize with the pain of others. No matter the crime, I believe there should be a point when one should stop being punished, as I continually say about Hitler. After having a pineapple shoved up his ass so many years, you would think he got the point by now? There’s no sense in continually damning the dead, and it’s what made the concept of Hell deplorable and aided me in my distance from religion at large. The idea that one should be punished forever for a crime never sat well with me, and I’d like to think that makes me a better person. Religious people just take that as me thinking I’m better than the Christian God, but they are ill informed as it stands, so it’s understood.

Not that I’m going to say all should be forgiven, because forgiveness is bogus. Those who transgress written or unwritten laws need to win back the favor of the world the hard way. The problem is knowing when and how much, because unlike myself there are plenty of wretched folk who will belittle and torture others to the grave. Heck, those who beat Amanda Todd were children who understand punishment, but it was wrong how it went about. That obviously is a case of poor upbringing, and knowing that the young are so wretched doesn’t give me much hope for the future. But again, they are young, and how can they really learn without failing, all the while not being damned henceforth?

And through all of this, I know there are people who say Karma will met out justice to those who do wrong. For the record I do believe in the principle of Karma, but good deeds only give the potentiality of good deeds in return, never a guarantee. The same is true for bad deeds. What is the world/nature going to care about one human’s misdeeds against any number of people? It’s people that met out Karma’s supposed justice, and it’s about as cruel and inconsistent as you would think it would be. We try and make laws to balance everything out, but sometimes wrongdoings slip through the cracks, as it was with the suicide of Megan Meier, one of the most prominent cases of bullying around. Those who abused the trust of a teenage girl existed in a time of laws that were never considered, and it was society that needed to punish those who did wrong. Necessary and cruel, yes. But for how long does one damn another in a world that won’t care if we breathe another second?

If there’s any standards I do hold for people, it can be summed up with three words: honesty, decency, and integrity. As long as you are truthful, good to people, and your words and actions have meaning, you deserve a bit of peace in this world. It’s a little more than that, yes, but if one can manage to hold the trinity they are alright with me. To judge folk to any other standard would be too much for me, because no one can stand under the scrutiny of a Rules Lawyer. Were I a Street Judge, there would be a clean sweep as I cleansed the world of filth. That may sound extreme, but I find that to be the eventual result of me being in a position to find the flaws of all people. Because we are not perfect, I refuse to met justice on people. There’s just too much wrong with this world to have any number of scapegoats to save it.

Not to say I won’t point out hypocrisy or any other violations to my three principles. I just won’t be part of the ensuing lynch mop that pops up when the world goes insane. I’ve had my time with extremes of emotion, drama, etc. and have found my life is much better when I’m not trying to point fingers into people’s eyes. Too much beauty in this world is ignored when I’m digging myself through the muck of the world. I won’t judge lest I be judged, and I judge myself enough as it stands. Will work towards the goal of equilibrium as we all do, but I can’t be an executioner lest I harm those who are close to me.

And to keep with the theme of positivity, have a listen to this song by The Death Set. One of their members died in 2009, and instead of wallowing in what could have been, they kept going. Their eventual “Michel Poiccard” album has since been praised as one of the best albums of 2011. Cherish the past, live for the future.


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3 thoughts on “The Law, Society, Bullying, Karma, and Why I’m not a Dick

  1. miltownkid January 9, 2013 at 12:59 pm Reply

    I never heard of Amanda Todd until just now (I really don’t follow any news). That’s too bad. At least you’re thinking about this sort of stuff. That’s a good thing. I had to think about this stuff long and hard before I came up with answers that were suitable to me. “Rules Lawyer” lol, I always called them Rule Nazi’s when I regularly played board games. Like if the die landed in a way where it was half on the board and half off, they’d have a rule for that (or look for one).

    Just focus on getting yourself nice, balanced out and sorted. Then maybe one day you’ll have Bruce Wane billions and can role around in a black suite dispensing justice throughout the hills of Wisconsin. 😉

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