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Talking D&D: My Current PC #1

Just a little notice that I’ve made another video entry into my Talking D&D video series. Feel free to check it out and the rest of what I’ve made thus far. That’s pretty much it. Nothing to see here. Move along now.

Pwning Life: VLOG Battle #1

And I have yet thrown another duty upon myself when I should supposedly be getting my act together and making everything bare bones. So what do I do? Start another type of video series when I know I have enough trouble putting out episodes of A Moment In Nature, Living With, Strange Combos In My Mouth, Talking D&D, Tao of Toast,  and the long overdue return of 2 Guys 1 Couch and especially The Adventures of Buckethead. What’s up with me? Continue reading

Talking D&D: Game Design is a Bitch

Despite the fact I write about it “a lot” in my blog, and now have a video series dedicated to it, my knowledge of Dungeons & Dragons is very abysmal. I’ve only played the game with approximately twenty other people through the years, the most prominent being friends and family round the area where I live rather than a diverse number of folk who have had a grander appreciation and vision of the game and what it can provide. I give myself credit where credit is due, but in truth I am just a man who has only tapped the potential creativity the game can provide, let alone the countless other games that are established along with with those still to be written.

Plain and simple, designing games for the masses to play and enjoy is a pain in the ass. What’s more, its doesn’t pay well in the long run. So many DMs put work into making a proper game occur, and not only does it not seem to work out during the game with friends but the with business world as well. Making a buck is so difficult if we were to pay heed to Robert J. Schwalb’s words. It makes the need to make something new and interesting rather pointless, doesn’t it? But hey! We do what we do because of passion, rather than a need of survival. Getting lucky with our ideas is merely a side effect, and should at least a single person smile and pat one of us on the back, we are validated in our efforts. More often than not at least. Continue reading

Pwning Life: Finding Passion

On keeping up with Pwning Life (though I am ever behind), I took the step presented by Master Pain and took the T1Q Test. The test would “help me discover how to find my purpose in life” and find my passion. Before you all get to say, “That’s not how it works,” you are right with that thought in mind. I believe I went into it with that thought as well, but I did something I never really do these days, even with my writing : I put emotion into it. I was given the option to write full essays if I wanted to, so instead of writing short sentence responses, I made the most of my freedom I wrote about what I felt and believed with gusto.

Besides! The test couldn’t give me a proper return if I didn’t give enough data, right? You can only imagine how foolish I felt afterword. In reality, the T1Q test is nothing but a means to fish data out of you, asking challenging questions you likely never bothered with, and giving them back to you with some notes. The end result would be to have “your answers reflected back to you”…in other words, your passion is within the answers you wrote, but only you can see them. But we knew that all along, didn’t we? Continue reading

Fear, Luck, and Stop Being a Baby…ACT!!!

I know people who worry. When someone should supposedly be taking too long to get home from the store, a call must be made to make sure they are alright. If no answer is given or if there is no ability to hear the sound of their voice, fear sets in. Too many times the thought of not being able to see someone again overwhelms another, bringing them to tears. And every time it should happen, it pisses me off.

For quite awhile I’ve given up on giving on these (what I feel are) irrational emotions. Worry is one of the many things I’ve coped with, but I’ve otherwise let go of the majority of my irrational emotions. I may have my issues with being an emotional wreck for other reasons, but it’s not going to be from worrying about trivial matters beyond my control. And during those times I’m around folk who start to worry, to be the one that has to point out not the positive outlook but the sensible one towards those who would condemn me in the past for being negative gets on my nerves. What is so hard about accepting eventual outcomes? Continue reading