Pwning Life: VLOG Battle #1

And I have yet thrown another duty upon myself when I should supposedly be getting my act together and making everything bare bones. So what do I do? Start another type of video series when I know I have enough trouble putting out episodes of A Moment In Nature, Living With, Strange Combos In My Mouth, Talking D&D, Tao of Toast,  and the long overdue return of 2 Guys 1 Couch and especially The Adventures of Buckethead. What’s up with me?

But hey, at least this is vlogging with the purpose of productivity. VLOG Battling is a term I first heard of from Master Pain, and it involves…challenges? I have trouble knowing if even Master Pain knew what was happening. The point is that he did it, and he eventually turned that into something awesome. That is until everything was dropped because life happens, but now it’s time for me to do it. And I’m doing it because I needed to give someone who has wanted to attempt this on his own a push, but he otherwise didn’t know what to do. So hopefully this attempt not only prompts him into action, but gives him good ideas for Great Justice?

However this VLOG Battling turns out, I hope to have it based around Pwning Life, though it’s alright to go off the beaten path now and then. And while it’s called “Battling” I forget if there needed to be a winner from the challenge, or if that just participating is enough? Reminds me of Clive’s Angels in a way, which involved challenging vloggers to certain tasks. Vloggers would be punished if they didn’t participate or didn’t follow the rules, but it was never about 1-Upping your fellow vlogger. Something to figure out as we evolve this idea over time. My own goal is to surpass the number of VLOG Battles left behind by Master Pain (either as a collective effort or my own), which doesn’t feel that difficult to manage. Then again, life is like a box of chocolates, for good or ill. And it’s certainly never boring.


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