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Pwning Life: Change Your Perception of “Professionalism”

It’s very likely I’m confusing the word professional with refined, but given that a lot of people tend to do this already, why the heck not take it like this? I’ve been raised to live within your means (or at least I hope that’s the case), and quite frankly that means giving up the grandiose for the basics. For what works over what looks good. As a supposed filmmaker I’ve heard how everyone needs great cameras or editing software to make it…and all I can think about when I hear this is how the filmmakers of yesteryear got by on less than what I currently have. So what does that say about being top of the line? Continue reading

40 Days & 40 Nights: Cookies, Little Debbies, etc.

So just a handful of hours ago, I was quite buzzed to celebrate the ability to not be sober. Or was I just exceptionally tired? I’m honestly not sure. It wasn’t that long ago I went to bed, thinking I would sleep till 12 PM because this was usually how my body feels when it’s going to be like that. Now here we are just a few hours later and I’m wide awake typing this up because I needed something to occupy my mind. Seriously, it needed to get occupied after I read far too much about Paula Deen’s problems. Why the hell do I seek to piss myself off with the lives of people whom I don’t even know about? I get enough reminders that this world is still backwards as it is, so typing away I shall do.

One thing I can note about my time with the brew (and already noted on my Twitter) is I keep forgetting alcohol is meant to be a social drink. I may feel like a fool when I drunkenly speak with folk (or more likely electronically message these days), but it’s honestly the point of the drink. We are social creatures of varying inhibitions, of which I have plenty. These inhibitions  are lost in the presence of a little/lot of poison to the blood, bringing out the feeling and need of connection I never really allow myself to have. Well, act on I should say, because I give plenty of, “Whoa is me!” talks as it is. This is not me admitting to wanting “stilts” while in social circumstances, but simply acknowledging why it should happen. And also to attempt a true change in behavior. Continue reading

Pwning Life: All About Thirst

I’m certain it’s fairly normal for men to experience The Thirst now and then, but my own experiences have been fairly subdued. I didn’t even know there was this specific slang for it until Chris Sanders asked to get video responses about their own experiences with The Thirst to his own video. Hence why the above video exists to begin with, for better or worse. Oh who am I kidding, it’s for the better…or at least that’s what I’d like to be thinking. Sharing with the world brings about change and awesome in the world, because it means I’ve admitted something about myself rather than let it exist wholly in my mind. Now things can go about changing. Continue reading

ACen 2013 Adverts

And thus we round off another Anime Central with a list of all the advertisements, business cards, promos, etc. that I have collected through my walks in the convention space and hotel. I try and keep away from sharing duplicated adverts from previous years, so in other words get yon butts to those previous posts and giver yer business to them wonderful folk. There’s an industry and fandom to support, you hear? Onward!