ACen 2013 Adverts

And thus we round off another Anime Central with a list of all the advertisements, business cards, promos, etc. that I have collected through my walks in the convention space and hotel. I try and keep away from sharing duplicated adverts from previous years, so in other words get yon butts to those previous posts and giver yer business to them wonderful folk. There’s an industry and fandom to support, you hear? Onward!

  • 8-Bit Pixel Visions – Pixel art made with Perler beads. Commissions are available. Erin Carroll? Bravo.
  • A Certain Scientific Railgun – It’s an anime with lots of boom n’ bang. Filled with schoolgirls. So every anime ever? *shrug*
  • Alstroemeria Records – Specifically advertising the of memories CD, a record label that focuses upon video game, anime, and J-Pop music…I think. Research! I doesn’t care.
  • Amber Clover – Confusing card directing people to a deviantART, and I assume it’s a collective that makes visual novels? One of which is Angelic Sonata? Also directed people to a specific member page at Pixiv, something I’ve never heard of till now, so that’s cool.
  • Anime-ZAP – Anime convention.
  • Anime Castle – Buy fandom with great abandon! Because pickles.
  • Ashley Novitsky – This artist caught my eye because of Thorin Oakenshield naked under bedsheets. Those who walked through the artist alley know what I mean. Follow dat other Tumblr and Twitter as well.
  • AxelPanic – SoundCloud of a fellow staff member I work with, and he certainly made me smile with his Transformers bit in the S3rl mix.
  • Brian Wu – deviantART page for named artist who tickled my funny bone with his Choose Your Adventurer business card.
  • Capes and Cartridges – A group of online reporters sharing all things awesome.
  • Chiou – Artist who be sharing stuff at Tumblr and peddling at Storenvy.
  • Crunchyroll – Likely one of the most well known anime on demand websites around. Strange that I thought nothing of this place back when when a friend/brother told me about it on a whim. Glad to see they are still kicking.
  • Dog Sled Saga – An upcoming desktop and mobile game about building up a team of sled dogs to take over the world. Okay, not really, but it should have that option what with the success it had at Kickstarter.
  • Flyer Studios – Company which can assist you in making many flyers like the ones I’m advertising here.
  • FUNimation – Who doesn’t know about FUNimation? I mean…really?
  • Hearts4aero – deviantART of Mykela Harrell, and does he know how to work that acrylic pain to make me smile.
  • HotsauceGames – Company which buys, sells, and trades games, comics, etc. for Great Justice. You can never have too much Great Justice.
  • Kalafina – Official website of the musical trio who were special guests at this years ACen. Truth be told, I have no idea who they are or what they’ve done, and that likely makes me a bad person in someone’s eyes. May I remind you I’m only a casual anime fan as it stands? Lay off bro!
  • Legend of Tretor – Meant to direct to what I believe will become an eventual webcomic, but for now takes you to the development blog for it. I say give it a look, because the name reminds me of a project that’s been in my head for years now.
  • love*zutto – An etsy shop filled with curious scarves. There is an official website for them as well, but it is as of this time still in the works. Soon?
  • Lyrical Dreams – Personal blog of Miyu Smith, journalist and music reviewer. She was part of the press this past ACen, so kudos on spreading the word, yo!
  • Matsuricon – Anime convention which pulled my heart strings by having their advertising Nintendo themed. Hell yes!
  • Midwest Media Expo – Advertised as “not a Comic Con,” which means it’s pretty much a Comic Con. Or something to that effect. Best check it out I suppose, especially when they have “” direct to their website. Serious Business guys.
  • Miss Dauphé – deviantART of Victoria Jeon, illustrator of cute and sweet spiced with a lil bit of dark. Just how I like it.
  • Musetap Studios – deviantART of artist duo with an Etsy for your purchasing needs.
  • Nexus Gaming Alliance – A non-profit which seeks to advance and connect the art and gaming industry. Mind you they chose to advertise the Kickstarter to support their efforts in this circumstance, even though the Kickstarter isn’t approved yet? Soon!
  • Once Upon A Doodle – deviantART of Karen Porter, creator of chibi crack. It’s a hell of a drug.
  • Only Ducks – There are so many ducks here. That is all.
  • Otter Necessities – Custom leatherworking for all your kinky needs. Not to say that this place works to your kinks, but I think that’s the only reason why people wear leather in lieu of other fabrics. Then again, it looks like it’s just accessories, so…I’ll be quiet now.
  • Palladium Books – While the advert was indeed for the company, it certainly made a big deal about supporting the Robotech Kickstarter that was ending during ACen. No worries, the Kickstarter was successful, and I’m happy for that. Another fan funded project is off the ground. The future, I tell you. THE FUTURE!!!
  • Rivet – A designer toy and art gallery located in the Short North arts district of Columbus, Ohio. Tell Laura I like their toast.
  • Serena Guerra – An artist will will ever receive my praise, because she was able to finish a commission of mine in under 24 hours as a birthday gift to my father. Non-naked Conan meets Son of Skaar with eye glasses is quite the request to handle, but she did amazingly well. Be sure to read her blog as well!
  • Spinnerette – Webcomic of a six-armed woman who fights crime. And a mecha maid. Along with a BBW hero/villain/something. Huh. If I wasn’t reading too many webcomics already, I might read this too.
  • STL Ocarina – Seller of many much adored ocarinas, due to their connection to the Legend of Zelda video games. I need to improve my musical skills before I even consider this.
  • StudioNightFlower – Official website link directs folk to an Artfire page at this point. Seller of so many hats! HATS!!!
  • Sugar Gamers – Claiming to be the premier female oriented geek and gamer organization, it’s a shame to note they have no upcoming events at this time. Gamer girls! Where you at!? Represent!
  • Tee Turtle – T-shirt store with sells nostalgic items. Also, turtles.
  • The Beginning of the Last Game – A book with a plot similar to The Last Starfighter. Good times were had by all.
  • The Febreeze Police – Heroes to convention guests, staff, and attendees, The Febreeze Police will save you from unhygienic con-goers and smelly game rooms. Their words, not mine, though does that ever make me smile.
  • Wirefly Jewelry – Etsy store for artist who works with one part chainmail and one part wirework. Tell Rebecca to do more Pony stuff!
  • Xypher – deviantART of Carey Anderson, illustrator of stuff for your eyes.

And that’s the lot. Happy shopping and networking with these fine folk. They are effectively ACen, and are deserving of your support.

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