Pwning Life: All About Thirst

I’m certain it’s fairly normal for men to experience The Thirst now and then, but my own experiences have been fairly subdued. I didn’t even know there was this specific slang for it until Chris Sanders asked to get video responses about their own experiences with The Thirst to his own video. Hence why the above video exists to begin with, for better or worse. Oh who am I kidding, it’s for the better…or at least that’s what I’d like to be thinking. Sharing with the world brings about change and awesome in the world, because it means I’ve admitted something about myself rather than let it exist wholly in my mind. Now things can go about changing.

Or will they? Current social circumstance: I am a single poor man with pretty much no income, currently living in an apartment with two other fellows. I pretty much sit in my room all the time, working upon my computer, which amounts to meddling around with media consumption rather than the creation of it. What social gatherings I go to need to be business focused lest I get freaked out and crawl into a corner and feel like I’m dying. This keeps me away from not only potential friends/acquaintances/etc. but also partners, making me Forever Alone. I cope as most do by masturbation, the absence of which has been noted to cause plenty of issues in the past because I’m a sexual creature like the vast majority of us. Despite knowing what needs to change, I throw myself into my work knowing that it needs to get done, and we already know how that’s turning out.

There’s plenty of issues to address with that, but one thing at a time. Given the topic starter, let us focus on the intimate/social ramifications of it all. To be honest, it’s really only something that’s going to change with time and me actually being competent in my work time. It’s been noted in the past how much I lack the focus for the work I hope to do, but the more I do it the better I get, so…time. Same as it is with those I seek kinship from, though I prefer to have a focus upon work rather than just winging a get together. Just how I roll I suppose. From the hopeful work, I can slowly cope with being around others, so once again…time.

But then there’s the trouble of partnership. To be honest, I’d much prefer not to bother with this. I have enough stress as it is coping with other people as it stands than to wonder about possible flings. So screw that noise. Better a stable life filled with people I can depend on than rushing about with those I don’t even know. Work and communication it will be for me at this time, and likely a lonely existence for awhile. Given that’s nothing new for me, I can deal with that just fine. Now I just have to keep out of depression and media consumption long enough to make something of myself. Ever the journey.

As such, here’s what’s on the plate for the coming months: I have more backlogged projects dating back to February 2013, along with other productions I’ve claimed to “get around to eventually.” I am in need of work now that expenses are once more on the rise, and given the new locale I have, it shouldn’t be that hard (I hope). All the while, need to follow through upon connecting and working more with Project Famous, because that is the reason I’ve come into my new home after all. Hopefully I can catch up on all of that within the next month, because I’ve certainly made a mess of things up to this point. No worries and be happy I suppose, because I may not have “the” thirst, but I’m thirsty enough for other things. We we keep on trucking…


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